This machine is intended for large-scale slaughtering of chickens and was originally designed for a slaughterhouse abattoir project. A complete poultry slaughter line basically comprises different slaughter equipment combined with conveying rails. It’s the core part of a successful slaughterhouse operation.

Chicken Slaughterhouse EquipmentPoultry killing and bleeding automatic overhead conveyor rail

Closed-type poultry scalding machine

Automatic claw-removing machine

Horizontal type plucking machine

Poultry carcass receiving trough

Automatic un-loading device for claws

Automatic cleaning machine for hooks

Standard-type trolley

Frequency conversion electric controlling cabinet

Evisceration unit

Poultry evisceration automatic overhead conveyor rail;

Viscera sliding trough

Spraying-type carcass cleaning machine;

Standard-type trolley;

Normal electric controlling cabinet;


  • Advanced design and technology
  • High quality guarantee
  • Long service life
  • High degree of automation
  • Easy operation and straightforward maintenance
  • Labor and energy saving device


Power380V/50 Hz ,3.7 kw
Scalding machine size1300*1200*1750 mm
Depilating machine size1450*1400*1200
Capacityscalding 15-30 pcs/time ,depilating capacity :100-500 pcs /hour


$28,800 – $59,999.00

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