This transport crate for poultry is very easy to install. They are designed for high quality at minimal cost. With almost 50% open area these chicken crates provide superior ventilation to keep birds healthy during transportation. Smooth slide door openings and crate body design can minimize bruising and wing injuries. These chicken crates allow bird loading safe, quick and easy.  HDPE plastic is lightweight but tough enough to use in extreme temperatures. Plastic chicken crates are maintenance-free and will not corrode like metal cages due to smooth, easy-to-clean surface that will resist stringent detergents, disinfectants or poultry waste. It features a high capacity handling design to ease transport, without placing a compromise on safety.

These transportation cages has designed to broiler and breeder grown birds. They accommodate very easily in the cages as It has special rigid design. The material used is plastic it reduces the bird’s weight shrinkage which ultimately reduces the leg stress and leg injury.


  • Slide-snap-lock access design door. Top access door slides and latches easily.
  • Crates  can be comfortably stacked on each other
  • High capacity handling and flexible transport of poultry to battery cages, markets etc.
  • After transport, birds can be manually removed via access doors. The crates can be washed and disinfected for another transport cycle.
  • Its design allows more air to circulate, thus reducing stress-related damage to the birds.
  • Special perforations at the base help prevent foot injuries during transport.
  • The crate system offers complete handling solutions designed for efficiency, economy, and productivity.


Name poultry transport cage
Size and Weight77*55*27cm,   5.1kg,  can hold 10pcs chickens77*25*29cm,   5.5kg,  can hold 10-12pcs chickens77*55*33cm,   5.7kg,  can hold 12-13pcs chickens96*56*27cm,   7.5kg,  can hold 15-20pcs chickens96*57*27cm,   7.8kg,  can hold 15-20pcs chickens
color  yellow (we can customize color  if order quantity is large)
Material100% NEW PE


$7.00 – $13.00/

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