Commercial Fish Hatchery Equipment

A fish hatchery is a place for artificial breeding, egg hatching, and rearing across the early life stages of aquatic animals (e.g. finfish and crustaceans). The output of a hatchery is normally fry, fingerlings or juveniles (with the respective name depending on the life stage/age of the fish). These young small fish are then transferred to an on-growing section to reach harvest size.


The quality of husbandry in the early life stages determines to a large extend the fitness, health and growth of fish in grow out settings. Aquaculture ID hatcheries provide just that; the optimal fish hatchery systems fitting each life stage in the development of African catfish, Tilapia and other fish species like common carp and ornamental fish. Our hatcheries are set up in a modular way. Each hatchery module is a small RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture System) capable of producing a fixed number of fingerlings of a certain size.

Features of Commercial Fish Hatchery Equipment

CAT-AQUA TECH as one of the most professional aquaculture company, focus on the modern aquaculture area, start from the design to the customized produce, delivery, installation, training & after sales, help the customer to establish the most suitable modern aquaculture farm, ocean park, aquaculture lab and so on.
All the species start from the incubation, CAT-AQUA study and improve many types of the widely-used incubators and offer customized making. No matter which one, CAT-AQUA is always trying to make it perfect and hope customer would be happy with them.


TypeShelf Type Incubator
IncubatorEach set including 4 sets incubation bottle and 4 sets collection bucket.
Bio FilterPP material bio filter balance tank
UV SterilizerMini 2m3/h UV sterilizer
Water PumpMini plastic submersible pump
Temperature Control System1/2HP air source heat pump
FlashlightTri-proof light
Control BoxElectric control box
Pipe & FittingsFamous brand ones
Package (Option)Wooden case

Essential fish hatchery requirements

We believe that the following four requirements are essential for a successful fish hatchery:

  1. RAS Technology. A Recirculating Aquaculture System is ideal for controlling the water parameters. Hereby giving the young fish the optimal living conditions resulting in healthy fingerlings.
  2. Good genetics. Using broodstock from a well performing genetic strain improves the growth and health performance of your fish.
  3. High quality fish feed. The broodstock and young fish in your hatchery should be fed with high quality fish feed to give them a head start in life. Quality fish feed is not only important for your fish but also for the operation of the RAS systems as low quality fish feed spoils the filter of the RAS system.
  4. Proper management and staff. A successful hatchery cannot work properly without good management and the well trained staff.

Prices of Commercial Fish Hatchery Equipment

$3,500.00 – $9,800.00

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