The Multi-functional Combined Machine is composed of  Rice Mill Machine (Non-Knife Rice Sheller) with  Powder Crusher (Disc Mill)  Rice Mill is the newest model among rice mill series. We use 1 alloy steel rice roller 1 stainless steel rice screen, matched with air blower, It can easily removes skin of rice and polish the rice also separate the whole rice from the broken at once Main function is to remove husk from Paddy, Polish rice and sort the rice. It can easily remove upper skin of other grains like Bean, Maize, and Millet etc A Disc mill is a type of crusher that can be used to grind, cut, shear, shred, pulverize, granulate, crack, hull, blend, or refine. It is specially manufactured for farmers and mainly used for crushing various granular farm crops, it can not only crush rice, bean, wheat, grain sorghum, corn, spice, chilli etc Easy to operate, put the material in to the crushing chamber slowly, the disc inside the chamber will crush them by high speed beating.


  1. Unibody base designed for convenient transportation and installation, stable operation, low space occupation.
  2. High efficiency double-layer drum type cleaning sieve, strong precleaning performance.
  3. It improves production efficiency by the unique rehulling leftover paddy design.
  4. Innovative emery roller whitening technology, low rice temperature, less bran remains, improves the rice quality.
  5. Smooth processing flow, easy operation for just one person.
  6. Independent safe electric control system for more convenient operation.
  7. Improved transmission system  extends duration of consumption parts
  8. Modula design, reserves connectivity with follow up equipments to double mill, grade and sorte for better rice quality.
  9. Low investment and high yield


Capacity120-150 ton/day
Part TypeFull pant
Usage/ApplicationRice mill
Machine TypeSemi automatic
Power250-500 KW
Automation GradeSemi-Automatic
Voltage3 phase 440 v
Driven Typeelectricity
End use of Treated Waterreuseable

Prices of Commercial Rice Mill Machine

$6,000.00$30,000.00/ Set

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