Consumer Reports is a nonprofit organization that tests and rates consumer products, including lawn mowers. The organization’s mission is to provide consumers with information they need to make informed choices about the products they buy.

Consumer Reports Lawn Mowers are a great way to get the lawn you want without having to spend a lot of money or put in a lot of work. Consumer Reports Lawn Mowers are designed to be easy to use, affordable, and reliable, so you can get the perfect lawn you’ve always wanted.

Consumer Reports’ lawn mower reviews are a great resource for anyone looking to purchase a new mower. They provide detailed information about pricing, performance, and quality of the products they’ve tested, as well as expert advice on how to choose the best model for your needs.

If you’re looking for the best riding lawn mower, you can start with the consumer reports’ rankings for the different types. Consumer Reports’ reports rank lawn mowers on features, cost, reliability, and more. Read the full report to find out what makes a good riding mower. You might even be pleasantly surprised. Below are some of the top picks. Alternatively, you can read our buyer’s guide and find the perfect model for you.


To get the best reliability rating, look for the following qualities in a riding mower. It has an onboard computer that helps different parts of the mower communicate with each other, allowing it to operate at its peak performance under current conditions. It monitors oil pressure, temperature, and electrical components and automatically corrects problems, stopping it in their tracks if they become too dangerous. Riding lawn mowers are also extremely quiet, which is great for anyone who enjoys gardening.

The Consumer Reports Lawn Mowers testing team leaves the icy cold winter of New York for the sunny, warm weather of Florida to test walk-behind and gas-powered models. The testers put the mowers through a series of rigorous tests to determine their reliability and performance. They take into account factors like the size of the yard, the presence of hills, and the type of mower that the consumer needs.


Consumer Reports tests and rates lawn mowers, mainly riding models. The report includes data from more than 18,000 consumer surveys conducted between 2009 and 2019. You can compare these ratings to those of other consumer reports to find the one that best suits your needs. For more information, read the full report. Here are some of the most popular lawn mower brands that get great marks from Consumer Reports. They include Troy-Bilt and Honda mowers.

Murray, the cheapest lawn mower at $130, doesn’t have much oomph, only discharges from one side, and requires wrenches to adjust the cutting height. On the other hand, the Brute mower costs $240 and comes fully assembled. However, despite its price, it performs mediocrely and started rusting within three months after routine cleaning. Consumer Reports’ lawn mowers aren’t cheap – you could spend a thousand dollars and get a quality machine that works well for you.

Gas mowers are cheaper upfront, but they have additional expenses in the long run. They require oil changes, and emptying the tank at the end of the season. Battery-powered mowers are also more affordable than gas-powered lawn mowers, as they run on electricity. Top-rated battery models, like the self-propelled Greenworks, cost less than the top-rated Honda gas mower, but they are much quieter and deliver excellent mulching. The battery-powered Kobalt from Lowe’s costs half as much.

Rear-engine riders are the smallest category of riding mowers. They generally have a 30-inch cutting deck, but they can take a long time to cover your lawn. But since they’re the cheapest options, they’re the smartest choice for those who don’t have much storage space. They also come with an electric starter. A rear-engine rider may be more affordable than a front-engine mower, but they’re a bit less stable.


If you’re considering buying a new lawn mower, there are many different options to consider. Consumer Reports Lawn Mowers feature a variety of features and specs, including cutting height, battery life, and more. To find the best mower for your needs, consider the features of the lawnmower you’re considering, and then read on to find out what they mean. We’ll go over a few of these features in detail below.

Honda’s mowers come with a number of useful features, including a unique adjustable MyRIDE suspension system that absorbs bumps in the lawn and engine vibrations. Some models also include plush seats, foot-lever height adjustment, a toolless oil-change system, and a cupholder. For a hassle-free experience, consider a battery-powered mower. Batteries provide the same power as gas in all tests, which helps you cut your lawn quickly and efficiently.

A 14-inch deck is good for small yards and storage spaces. It is lightweight, making it easy to handle and maneuver. It has a wide range of features, including mulching and bagging, but doesn’t have side-discharge capabilities. It also has a single-lever height adjustment, which eliminates the need to adjust the height of each wheel individually. The Ego mower has a high-quality cutting deck that suits many types of landscaping.

It is important to note that Consumer Reports Lawn Mowers test a variety of brands, and their prices are usually more expensive than their competitors. Nevertheless, the prices and features of these products are essential when shopping for a lawn mower. There’s no need to go crazy, though – Consumer Reports’ tests will help you make the best decision. You’ll save time and money by buying a quality product.

Battery-powered models

The batteries in battery-powered models of lawn mowers are rechargeable, and they typically run for an hour or 30 minutes per charge. These mowers also have an easy-to-read battery level indicator. Battery life depends on several factors, including the model, battery voltage, size, and power level. Choosing a mower with a longer battery life will be more convenient and save you the trouble of calculating how much time the battery will last.

The Milwaukee M18 FUEL lawn mower is a high-end battery-powered model that can match the power of comparable gas-powered models. Likewise, the EGO Select Cut XP, which is technically a residential model, beats out many gas models in testing. Commercial battery mowers offer features intended for professional landscapers, including superior bagging performance and the ability to run multiple hours on a single charge.

The 12V battery is the most common type used in battery-powered models. It is highly reliable and rechargeable, but there are differences in size and voltage among models. Always be sure to match the battery type with the mower model to avoid issues. There are several types of batteries available for battery-powered lawn mowers, and the brand or model you choose will determine which one is right for you. You should always check the warranty of the mower to be sure that it works well with your battery.

Another battery-powered model is the DeWalt DCMWSP244 with 5.0 Ah of battery capacity. It can cover up to a quarter-acre lot with ease and has features like adjustable height, 3-in-1 discharge options, and vertical storage. While battery-powered lawn mowers have many advantages, they are still not right for everyone. For those who have a smaller yard or are working with an inclined lot, a battery-powered model may be the best choice.

All-wheel-drive models

While riding lawn mowers is a popular choice, all-wheel-drive models offer extra safety and maneuverability. In addition to all-wheel drive, these mowers have an onboard computer that helps the various components of the machine communicate and perform optimally. This system also monitors the mower’s engine, oil pressure, and electrical components and will correct problems automatically, and can shut down if the machine becomes dangerous. Some models have an ultra-quiet operations, making them ideal for busy households.

The all-wheel-drive lawn mowers are the most expensive but are also the most versatile. Their battery life and multi-zone scheduling feature is a great benefit for homeowners with large lawns or complex terrain. They can cut grass in different zones, divide their turf into zones, and concentrate on specific areas at specific times. The multi-zone scheduling feature lets the mower travel directly to the zone you want to cut. This also means that the mower will use less battery life and leave less of a footprint on your lawn.

All-wheel-drive lawn mowers are best for small to medium-sized properties. They are easy to maneuver and can cover more ground. All-wheel-drive lawn mowers can also be cheaper than self-propelled models. If you don’t need a self-propelled mower, a gas-powered push mower is a great choice. A $250 model from Cub Cadet is recommended by Consumer Reports because it is more maneuverable than most push mowers.

Another gas-powered, all-wheel-drive lawn mower is the Troy-Bilt 21-inch Variable-Speed. This mower has a 21-inch deck with seven adjustable cutting heights. It is mounted on nine-inch ball-bearing wheels for smooth driving and maneuverability. Its blades have adjustable height settings and a 2.5-bushel grass collection bag. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

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