The Continental giant is actually one of the oldest and largest rabbit breeds known to us. While many experts believe they date back to the 16th century, the first documented Continental giant was recorded in 1983.  While they are descendents of the Flemish giant breed, Continentals share bloodlines with many other breeds, including Belgian and German. During the 19th century, they were imported to the US from Europe and the UK in order to help increase the size of rabbits being used for meat. As a result, many made their way into livestock shows and became pet rabbits due to their easy-going and docile nature. 


Just by looking at a picture of a Continental giant rabbit, you wouldn’t be able to see any major difference between it and an average domestic rabbit. But a side-by-side comparison would show you something much different.  The Continental giant rabbit is quite larger than your average bunny. In fact, the Giant breed is generally about 5x larger in both weight and length than your average Eastern cottontail. On average, they weigh around 25 lbs and are approximately 3 feet in length. To give you some perspective, a Continental giant rabbit will grow to about the same size as a full-grown French bulldog. The largest Continental giant rabbit ever recorded, named Darius, weighed just over 50 lbs and was 4 feet 4 inches in length!

Continental giant rabbits descended from the Flemish Giant rabbit. They are also referred to as a German Giant or Flemish Giant. Every large rabbit is descended from the Flemish breed, so most are referred to in more general terms, such as Flemish giants.  Also nicknamed Conti’s, the Continental rabbit comes from a collective group of giant rabbit breeds, named after the geographic region they originate from. The term Continental was given to them for show purposes and is altered once a line of breeds is mixed. For example, a giant rabbit found in Belgium is referred to as a Belgian Giant. But if that rabbit was imported to Germany and bred with other lines of giants, that breed would then be referred to as a Continental giant. 


many Continental giants have various bloodlines and traits within them, usually with a few defining traits. The German giants for example are known for having the largest heads, widest ears, and densest bone structure. A Belgian giant on the other hand has a much flatter and broader body, with a pointed muzzle.  In general, almost all Conti’s look the same to the untrained eye, not including their distinct fur colour. They are easy-going, are great with kids and human interaction, and as of recently, have become popular pets. Unfortunately, their lifespan is only around 5 years, mainly due to their large size. 

The two main varieties of Continental giant rabbits are White Continental and Coloured Continental – but we’ll get more into their features later.  Though this gentle giant is not officially recognized by ARBA, you can still find breeders putting up Continental Giant Rabbit for Sale in the US. Continental Giant Rabbits are a large breed of rabbit, with males weighing up to 30 pounds and females up to 20 They can be found for sale at several Continental Giant Rabbit Breeders or certain pet stores. This article will discuss things that should be considered before purchasing one including the average price of Continental Giant rabbits for sale in the US, estimated transportation costs, and where to buy your Continental GIant bunny.

Continental Giant Rabbit Price

 $60.00 to $500.00

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