Marine Metal Products’ 10.5-Qt. Cool Bubbles® Bucket with Aerator keeps bait alive by maintaining constant water temperature with proper aeration. Quiet, efficient Bubble-Box aerator operates up to 40 hours to keep live bait livelier longer. Protected by an impact-resistant case with rubber-booted switch, the pump comes with a durable, weighted airstone and large, adjustable stainless steel mounting clip. Self-contained, hard-shell insulated 10.5-qt. bucket features a multipurpose lid with a large opening for easy bait-net access, a cutting surface and mounting tabs for tools and tackle. Runs on one or two D batteries (not included). Maintains constant water temperature, Operates up to 40 hours, Protected by an impact-resistant case, Multipurpose lid with a large opening for easy bait-net access.


1. It is used to store earthworms, live insect baits, etc. The top cover has air holes. The overall streamlined design, beautiful and generous, non-slip feel comfortable.

2. Small and durable, with unique ventilation holes to keep the air unblocked and ensure the insects are fresh.

3. Suitable for anglers to temporarily store various insect baits and keep them fresh. There are micro vents on the upper part, so the soil will not leak out!


  • Maintains constant water temperature with proper aeration
  • Bubbles B-3 model pump runs up to +/- 85 hours with 2 alkaline D batteries, also runs on 1 battery
  • Impact resistant case with neoprene seals and waterproof switch
  • Pumps 1.0 STL / minute
  • Hard shell bucket with .75″ insulating foam liner
  • Special weighted air stones provide greater dissolved oxygen
  • New multi-purpose lid has large opening for easy bait net access, cutting surface, and mounting tabs for tools, and tackle
  • Ideal for crappie and ice fishing
  • Designed for fresh and saltwater use
  • Each unit is individually tank tested to assure highest quality
  • 5 Gallon / actual- 15.2 quart, 14.4 L
  • Complete and ready to use system


Function1.widely used to storage floater,bait and other fishing tackles
2.good protection inside from damp, dust

Prices of Cool Bubbles Bait Bucket:

 $41.99 –  $81.99

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