Corn Gluten Meal is the rest of corn, after it has been separated from germ and bran, and then extracted from starch, during the wet processing of corn. It is mainly used as feed for poultry and aquatic animals. Rich in lutein, which helps the coloring of the skin and eggs of poultry when added to their feed in a certain proportion.

Over the long term, Corn Gluten Meal helps increase the speed of growth and quality of poultry, as well as reduced the cost and maximizes the efficiency of animal feed.It is protein powder, with golden yellow color, by-product of corn starch.It can enhance the livestock to disease-resistant ability and Can be used to extract natural yellow pigment, And rich in amino acids. It is a good additive for animal husbandry and feed industry. good feed additive   Each batch goods is carefully tested before delivery by our lab.


1. It can be used as replacer of a-starch to be used in the feed of eel and turtle, or used as protein resource to replace fish powder.
2. It can be used in bulked feed to offer protein and improve the outlook of feed. Moreover, it also can be used to increase the vegetable protein assay of food.

Features of Corn Gluten Meal

Standard Specifications: ISO 9001: 2000, Kosher, Halal, Goods free from Melamine
Items Specification(Food grade) Specification(Feed grade)
Protein 70% MIN
Moisture 10% max
Ash 5% max
Packing: 25KG or 50KG
Storage: Kept in a light-proof, well-closed, dry and cool place.

Uses/benefits of Corn Gluten Meal

 Corn gluten meal is based on a yellow powder or granular created as a by-product during a milling process corn. It is a high-protein concentrate typically supplied at 60% protein. It is a valuable source of methionine. It is primarily used as a supplement in farm animal feeds, dog food, and fish food. Corn gluten meal also has a level of xanthophylls, which offers the poultry feed formulators an efficient yellow pigmenting ingredient. Corn gluten meal also is excellent cattle feed providing a high level of rumen byconforms protein.

Product Specification

Testing Item StandardResult
Appearanceyellow or light yellowconforms
Crude Fiber/%≤21.32

Prices of Corn Gluten Meal

$500.00-$600.00/ Ton

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