At its best, a corn moisture tester ensures that the grains are stored at the optimum level of moisture. This serves a number of functions.

Doing so ensures that they are protected from mold, discoloration, or insect infestation. Also called grain moisture meter, they are available in two types: handheld and tabletop. Both have their unique perks and come with preset calibrations; nevertheless, it’s best done manually.

  • Measure temperature of food at the same time, can measure 8 food: Paddy, wheat, barley, forage, corn, rapeseed, soybean, rice
  • Quickly measure grain’s moisture content & temperature, portable and convenient for use, Microcomputer technology(CPU) provides the exact measurement
  • ATC, Grain moisture standard setting and excessive moisture tip
  • Large LCD screen, Moisture standard setup, Overflow alert, Backlight control, Selectable °C/°F, Data hold,  Auto power-off & Low batt indication
  • Suitable for grain purchase, storage, processing and so on.


Operating Temperature: 0-50oc Or 32-122of

Battery: 4×1.5AA (Um-3)

Weight: 190g (Not Including Measuring Probe And Batteries

Size: 178x68x39 mm

Operating Humidity: Less than 0.8

Grain: Paddy, Rice, Corn, Wheat./Maize/Nuts/Seeds

Prices of Corn Moisture Meter

US$116.00-US$133.00/ Unit


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