Cost Of Combine Harvester

Combine harvesters have a very important task in grain crop harvesting. Combine harvesters must fulfil lot of technological requirements regarding the field conditions, crop type, as well as the quality performance and optimal costs. The problem is that it is the main harvesting technology of cereals in the world and it has seasonal character of work, which has to be done in a relatively short period of time with adequate costs. The aim of this paper is an evaluation of the economic parameters of combine harvesters in different working conditions. The study is based on exact cost analysis of combine harvesters of New Holland brand by different ages and different concepts of threshing. Data were collected during all working seasons of the combine.

In average, there is a data set from 10 seasons. In evaluation there were 9 machines NH CR 9080 and another 9 machines NH CX 8080. The working parameters evaluated are fuel consumption and operational costs. Performance of the machines was measured as harvested per hectare per day and per whole season. Costs are calculated as fixed and variable. The maintenance and service costs, and fuel consumption per hectare harvested are deeply analysed. The result shows that the effect of the cost analysis depends on the terms of annual performance of the machine. There is 2.1 l per hectare difference in the fuel consumption between tangential and axial threshing systems. A special result of this study is evidence of the spa

Features of Combine Harvester

1.Sealed cab,reduce the noise, make driver feel more comfortable.
2.Using centrifugal fan to feed grass, has good separation effect, and get cleaner forage.
3.The air current throwing mode is adopted for soil block cleaning,it prevents clogging and reduce the rate of broken peanut.
4.The machine has two tanks, one tank for the peanut, the other tank for the peanut stalk which will be crushed as forage.
5.Removing dust downward,reduce the dust to extend the working life.
6.The picker uses a double track to run smoothly,adopts the circulation mode picking device,improve picking efficiency.
7.The picker height ,roller speed and fan are visual by digital display.
8.Famous brand engine,optional 120/130/140hp, more powerful, more economical, more energy-saving, and more environment protection.
9.It adopts D3.5 type large clutch gearbox,which is reliable and durable.It has long clutch arm to save energy.
10.Rotary dust cover device to avoid water tank will be high temperature after long time working.
11.Bigger fuel tank;the endurance is longer.Optimize the dydraulic system of the whole machine with high reliability.

Product Specification

Self-propelled peanut picking and harvesting machine
Product model4HJL-2.54HJL-2.5S
modelH 2.5H 2.5S
power (kw/hp)110/150110/150
Engine positionBiasBias
Pick up width (mm)25002500
Dimensions  (mm)6725× 2790 ×34206725× 2790 ×3420
Total Weight( kg)52505250
productivity (hm2/h)0.27~0.540.27~0.54
Picking form / quantityLongitudinal axial flow cutter teethLongitudinal axial flow cutter teeth
Dimensions of peanut picking roller (mm)Φ710×2000Φ710×2000
Grain tank capacity (m³)2.352.35
Rear brakeStandard/
Four-wheel drive/Standard
OptionalEngine configurationStandard Changchai 152 horsepower engineStandard Changchai 152 horsepower engine
Optional Yuchai 110kw/150hp engine plus usd470Optional Yuchai 110kw/150hp engine plus usd470
Optional Quanchai 110kw/150hp without price increaseOptional Quanchai 110kw/150hp without price increase
Closed side subtractionOptional closed side reduction, an increase of usd470Standard
Dust suppression deviceundeterminedundetermined

Prices of Combine Harvester


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