Vetoryl capsules are for the treatment of Canine Cushing’s Disease. Vetoryl blocks the excess cortisol from being produced. The overall result is that blood cortisol levels are reduced. Once the reduced concentrations have become stable the various systems affected by the raised cortisol levels can begin to heal. The skin becomes more elastic, the coat fills in and begins to return to its normal luster. Excessive thirst and hunger reduce and bladder control returns.

Because Vetoryl dosage is based upon your dog’s weight, after a period of treatment the dosage may need to be adjusted as the medicine takes effect and your dog loses weight. Vetoryl is effective for both adrenal-based and pituitary-based Cushing’s Disease. Vetoryl will help your dog live out their years more comfortably and with a better quality of life.


Vetoryl Hard Capsules for Dogs are indicated for the treatment of pituitary-dependant hyperadrenocorticism in dogs and the treatment of hyperadrenocorticism due to adrenocortical tumour in dogs. They contain Trilostane which selectively and reversibly inhibits the enzyme system involved in the synthesis of several steroids including cortisol and aldosterone.

Features of Vetoryl For Dogs

  • Cushing’s Disease, or hyperadrenocorticism, causes a range of physical challenges for dogs – from weakened immune systems to hair loss.
  • Dogs with Cushing’s disease have too much of the hormone cortisol, which is produced in times of stress, in their bloodstream.
  • Prescription Vetoryl’s active ingredient, Trilostane, helps regulate cortisol production in the adrenal gland and reduces disease symptoms.
  • Vetoryl is also effective for dogs with the pituitary form of Cushing’s Disease.
  • With regular administration of Vetoryl you should see improvements in your dog’s condition in a matter of weeks.

Amounts to be administered and administration route

Administer orally, once daily, with food. The starting dose for treatment is approximately 2 mg/kg, based on available combinations of capsule sizes. Titrate the dose according to individual response, as determined by monitoring (see below). If a dose increase is required, use combinations of capsule sizes to slowly increase the once daily dose. A wide range of capsule sizes enables optimum dosing for the individual dog. Administer the lowest dose necessary to control the clinical signs.
Ultimately, if symptoms are not adequately controlled for an entire 24 hour inter-dose period, consider increasing the total daily dose by up to 50% and dividing it equally between morning and evening doses.
Do not divide or open capsules.

Special precautions for use in animals

As the majority of cases of hyperadrenocorticism are diagnosed in dogs between the ages of 10-15 years, other pathological processes are frequently present. It is particularly important to screen cases for primary hepatic disease and renal insufficiency as the product is contraindicated in these cases. Subsequent close monitoring during treatment should be carried out. Particular attention should be paid to liver enzymes, electrolytes, urea and creatinine. The presence of diabetes mellitus and hyperadrenocorticism together requires specific monitoring.

If a dog has previously been treated with mitotane, its adrenal function will have been reduced. Experience in the field suggests that an interval of at least a month should elapse between cessation of mitotane and the introduction of trilostane. Close monitoring of adrenal function is advised, as dogs may be more susceptible to the effects of trilostane. The product should be used with extreme caution in dogs with pre-existing anaemia as further reductions in packed-cell volume and haemoglobin may occur. Regular monitoring should be undertaken.

Possible Side Effects

In rare cases poor/reduced appetite, vomiting, lethargy/dullness, diarrhea, and weakness. Occasionally, more serious reactions, including severe depression, hemorrhagic diarrhea, collapse, hypoadrenocortical crisis or adrenal necrosis/rupture may occur.

Prices of Vetoryl For Dogs


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