Covington One Row Planter Our 1 Row Planting Unit is sold in a complete package ready to go to the field and includes one of our TP46 planters mounted on a cultivator with five rigid shanks. The planting unit matches the lasting quality of Covington’s line of planters, for garden and multi-purpose single row planting. Covington planters provide accurate depth control on uneven land and trouble free planting without clogging from trash or debris. Covington’s great performance has proven itself since 1911. *Assembly required. Includes weather and corrosion resistant polyethylene fertilizer hopper.

Distribute fertilizer and plant seeds with the help of this farming application. This covington planter has two working units to release fertilizer, drilling seeds inbetween the two units. The fertilizer and seed depth are both adjustable. The Covington planter plates included are for lima beans, butter beans, field peas, silver queen corn and Seneca chief corn. There are 2 seperate corn plates that offer a 4 cell or 6 cell plate. Cultivators are sold separately, but this tractor seed planter should be attached to a Covington One Row Cultivator. Or use two planters with 2 Row 9 Shank Rigid Cultivator.

Uses/benefits of Covington One Row Planter:

  • Easy to set up and operate.
  • Includes 5 seed plates for the most common varieties of seed.
  • Beds, plants, fertilizes in one operation
  • Seeds are always planted exactly in the center of fertilizer streams so seeds do not come in contact with fertilizer.
  • Vibrator fertilizer distributor
  • Presser wheel driven seeding and fertilizing units.
  • Adjustable fertilizer flow and seed depth.
  • Planting speed varies by crop between 2 to 4 mph.
  • Includes poly fertilizer hopper and 3pt. Pittsburgh style cultivator with five rigid shanks and opening plow.
  • USA Made.

Features of Covington One Row Planter;

Seeder features a time tested design that is both simple to operate and to maintain. This planter has proven itself as a true “work horse.” For planting about any seed you can think of.*The Covington Company has just celebrated it’s 100th yearAnniversary. This company knows how to build equipment that lasts.*Vibrator fertilizer distributor*Comes with Standard Category 1-3 PointHitch 1 row Cultivator*You can remove the planter from the cultivatorwhen finished planting and use the cultivator to keep out the weeds.*Presser wheel-driven seeding and fertilizing units Adjustable fertilizer
flow*Adjustable seed depth* Comes With seed plates to plant most allgarden and Corn seeds* Perfect of the Wildlife Food Plots* 20 Minimum HPrequired to operate nicely and about 45 HP Maximum.*Comes with Manual andseed chart.* Made in Georgia, USA.* Item may arrive with minor shipping scratches.

Specification of Covington One Row Planter;

  • Covington Planter, TP46
  • Vibrator fertilizer distributor
  • Presser wheel-driven seeding
  • Adjustable fertilizer flow
  • Adjustable seed depth
  • 4 cell corn plate – TP904
  • 6 cell corn plate – TP907
  • Other plates for seeds: Lima beans, butter beans, field peas, silver queen corn, senica chief corn
  • Use with ASC # 76107, Covington One Row Cultivator
  • Weight: 169 lbs.
  • Two planters use with ASC # 39764, 2 Row 9 Shank Rigid Cultivator

Prices of Covington One Row Planter:

$798.00 – $1,798.00

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