Cow Bathing Machine

Cows will obviously get a little dirty from time to time and may be in need of a good spraying. If you’re ready to show off your cow at the county fair, you can scrub it down thoroughly with a brush, soap, and water. Dairy cows also need to be cleaned regularly to avoid contaminated milk. In that case, you may want an integrated spraying system to hose off the cows once a day or so. For the health of the cows’ hooves, you should also provide a footbath the cows can use regularly.

In the cowshed or ranch, we often see the cows on the pillar or wooden bar, people usually say this is the cattle in “combing fur”. In fact, this behavior of cattle is to solve itching, take off parasites and dirt on the skin. In order to solve these problems of cattle, the market is developed and sold in various types of brushes such as vertical brushes and horizontal brushes. Recently, there is also a kind of cow body that can be automatically rotatable.

The Livestock Swinging Cow Brush Cleaning Machine is used with a motor and a cylindrical brush with a rotating shaft. As long as you touch this machine, the brush will rotate. The brush is fixed to the U-shaped screw with a supported sale, and the brush is hanging on the column, and the axis of rotation is 150 cm high when mounting. This height makes the brush on the back of the cattle and touches the cow. For the main part of the cow, the head, neck, back, buttocks), after removing the dirt on the cow, you can obtain the obvious effect of the cleaning of the cow, and through the relevant professional departments, cattle use brush brush Solving is not only for itch, or in order to enjoy the comfortable mood, the amount of milk production and feeding volume of the cattle is greatly increased, and it can be seen that there is a great advantage to install the brush.

Features of Cow Bathing Machine:

Livestock Swinging Cow Brush Cleaning Machine and the cows are getting turning, and the most comfortable speed of cows rotates in any direction, the speed is stable, from the head to the end, let the dairy of the dairy, the length of the dairy, the length of the bristles, the length of the bristles from the back to the side Hardness is just a branch of the blood circulation of cows, keeping dairy cows clean and quiet, and has a cow with swing automatic rotating cattle brush will be healthier, producing more milk, and also guarantee that cows have the best and most comfortable living environment. Livestock Swinging Cow Brush Cleaning

Uses/benefits of Cow Bathing Machine:

Cleaning a cow in the proper way can keep the animal look and feel fresh. Cleaning also help to prevent external parasites. You may also need to clean your cow to show it off at your local county fair or other occasions. And you need to clean your cows more often especially if you have dairy cows.

Specification of Cow Bathing Machine:

Product Name:Colorful Cow Body Massage Brush For Cattle Cleaning
Brush Material:PP
Handle Material:Stainless
Filament material :More polypropylene(hard wire pp)
The thickness of the shaft:20-25mm
Brush diameter:500mm
Shaft:ID 125-127mm
Rotational speed:24 round per minute
Package:Carton Box 520*520*620mm
Delivery time:15-20daysa after deposit

Prices of Cow Bathing Machine:

$50.00 – $1,500.00

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