Cow Corral Panels

A cattle panel is a series of steel railings and upright bars that are welded or bolted together, and used to contain cattle in corrals or pens for processing. High-quality heavy-duty cattle panels are designed with locally sourced North American steel, and welded properly for stability when cattle run up against them. Additionally, you should look for rectangular or square tubing cattle panels to minimize the effects of bruising and associated carcass damage from smaller contact points.

introducing Arrow Cattle Panels, a new line of heavy-duty corral panels for cattle working systems. Arrowquip has long been known for crafting high-quality cattle handling equipment by pairing generations of ranching experience with the latest animal science research and creative engineering. This new line of cattle corral panels is created with animal welfare, handler safety, and proper cattle handling at the forefront of the design process. The result is a series of highly durable corral panels that can be used in any configuration, thanks to the unique 4-way cattle panel connectors and pins. These Cattle Corral Panels offer a large visual barrier for cattle with the 3” wide rails, and the railings are progressively spaced to prevent calves from getting their heads between the lower rails. Additionally, the rectangular shape provides a broad surface for cattle to brush up against, dramatically reducing the severity of bruising when compared to round rails.

Uses/benefits of Cow Corral Panels:

. These Corral Panels are easy to install and easy to handle. These are available in different sizes as per customer requirements. These Dairy Equipments are made from High tensile strength steel tubing.We welcome Customer’s Specifications and Designs.

  • Ideal for light confinement; portable for travel to overnight shows or trail rides
  • Constructed of 1-1/2″ tubular steel
  • Stands 62” high with vertical “Z” braces
  • Unique drop-pin hookup for quick and easy setup
  • Loop leg design prevents sinking
  • Features our Red E-Coat finish to ensure longer life in the field

Features of Cow Corral Panels:

  • All cattle panels are built with heavy duty 12 gauge, high quality, 1″ square tubing.
  • Standard 6 bar panel with 7 bar option
  • Products are standard unpainted
    but available painted for additional
  • We carry standard sizing panels and gates.
    (even sizes)
  • Corral Panels (sizes: 6 to 24 ft)
  • Swinging Gates (sizes: 6 to 24 ft)
  • Walk-In Panels (sizes: 4 to 14 ft) includes 6′ Gate (example 10′ WIP is 6′ Gate and 4′ Panel)
  • Creep Feeder Panels (sizes: 8 to 12 ft)
  • Skirted Feeder Panels (sizes: 6 to 12 ft)
  • Round Pens

Specification of Cow Corral Panels:

Corral panels are available in 5′ & 6′ heights in 16 gauge. The walk through gates are available in different sizes: 4′, 6′, 8′, 10′ & 12′. We also have the 180? Sweep Tub for your convenience. The alley panel size is 20′ & gives you a 6’x20′ & 10’x20′ pens in a complete system. We have Sweep Tub Alley with 28′ alley gate & self latching walk through gates in individual pens. HD Farm gates are 16 gauge with threaded rod hinges available in standard height or 5′ heights with self latching stop.

Prices of Cow Corral Panels:

$600.00 – $2, 185.99

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