Cow Farm Accessories

Guide to machinery and equipment used in dairy farming. Dairy farming equipment include pasteurizers, automatic milker, vaccination bucket and more. A dairy farms main function is milk production. It is a capital intensive venture that requires long termed investment and proper management. Farms generally stock same breed with history of high milk production. The business is very lucrative because of huge demand for milk and milk related products. Common products are cheese, butter, yogurt, custard and ice cream.

To accommodate them comfortably, you’ll need to prepare a shelter for them equipped with a mist cooling system to keep them comfortable. Then, you’ll need a feed grinder or green fodder cutter to ensure that your cows are well-fed at all times. When it comes to milking your cows, you may not want to do it all by hand. Instead, you’ll want to invest in milking equipment and large milk cans to store the milk. But don’t forget your auxiliary equipment, though! To power all your other gear, you’ll need a generator that can supply your farm with enough power. Lastly, you’ll need things like ropes, water pipes, gear to tag your cows with, and more. With this essential list of equipment, you could start a small or medium-sized dairy farm.

As a quality focused firm, we are engaged in offering a high quality range of Dairy Farm Equipments And Accessories.
Milking Machines
Milking Parlor
Rubber Mats
Ventillation Fan
Water Trough
Fogger System
Cow Swinging Brush
Hoof Trimming Machine
Ear Tags
Milk Cans

Features of Cow Farm Accessories:

  • Automatic Stop Function: When the amount of milk in the barrel reaches the limit, the sound of the main engine will change, automatically stop sucking milk into the barrel, and extend the service life of the main engine.
  • Pulsation System: This machine has pulse function. It will prevent injury or pain to the pacifier due to continuous vacuum, protect the breast, and has an exhaust hole to facilitate the heat dissipation of the host.
  • Professional Machine: This milking machine is specially designed for cows, suitable for small and medium-sized farms or daily families. At the same time, it is equipped with special brush, milk lining, nipple cup and so on to make the machine work more convenience.
  • Time-saving & Efficient: Fold-able handle design, convenient handling, time-saving and labor-saving. The pulsation cycle is 46 times per minute. Using the milking machine can save at least half of the labor force and time. There is no need to endure sweating in summer or hand freezing in winter when milking, so it is more efficient.
  • Healthy & Safety: Food-grade silica gel is safe and hygienic, no peculiar smell, soft and comfortable, and more convenient for sucking. The milk barrel itself is made of edible stainless steel, which is more safe and durable.


Bottom blower(KW)12.5*2
Hydraulic station(KW)7.5+3
Induced draft fan(KW)3
Auxiliary heater(KW)4
Installed power(KW)40.9
Operating power(KW)about 29.5

Prices of Cow Farm Accessories:

$127.99 – $150,000.00

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