There are many kinds of pellet feed production machines and equipment . Cattle feed pellet mill is used to convert dry-grinding powder into small and medium-sized particles for animal consumption. This process makes the feed delicious and easy to digest, which is very beneficial for cattle. We can provide compact solutions for animal feed pellet production lines as well as single animal feed pellet making machine. We have various types of animal feed processing machines that can suitable small, medium and large scale animal feed processing projects!

Feed pellet mills are of two types- ring die and flat die. Flat die pellet mills are generally cheaper, but ring die pellet mills save energy. The machines come in different sizes depending on your needs. Most feed pellet mills use steam- this extends die life and increases production rate. Some cattle feed pellet mills come with incorporated mixers and grinders. Large scale feed pellet mills use ring dies. The entire machinery can be set up like a production line. This used to produce large amounts of animal feed. A small scale pellet mill simply processes dry powder into pellets using a flat die, it does not grind and mix. This kind of pellet mill can produce anywhere between 80 to 1000 kilograms of pellets per hour.

Features of Cow Feed Pellet Making Machine:

  • Stainless steel feeder, equipped with Danfoss inverter imported from Denmark, accurate feeding.
  • All stainless steel  modulator device, modulato spindle and blade, beautiful and generous, corrosion resistance;Large open access port, easy cleaning and maintenance;Single or double layer configuration is optional.
  • Stainless steel feeding tube, stainless steel lining plate of granulating chamber, corrosion resistant.
  • Add pressure roller lubrication grease function without stopping the machine.
  • High strength SPB narrow type V belt drive, stable and reliable transmission, low noise, low maintenance cost.
  • Easy To Operate
  • Beam Power Technology Powerful Mechanism
  • Combo Pack with Motor, Starter, Switches

Uses/benefits of Cow Feed Pellet Making Machine:

Cost saving: As you know, animal foods are mostly made from waste, and raw materials are readily available. In order to make them suitable for animal consumption, the machine replaces human intervention and is working faster than humans. It also consumes less power.

Sizeable returns: People buy machines for two purposes. One is business-related and the other is for their own benefit. Anyway, you will benefit from it. The food industry is huge. You can’t meet the needs of the market. With a negligible investment, you can make a substantial profit.

Easy to use: In order to use this machine conveniently, one should not ask for a deep intellectual or professional degree. A person can operate this device with little or no expertise. When you buy this product form one company, their representatives will make you clear. Used For: Wood Pellets, Cattle Feed Pellet, Cottonseed Pellets, Biomass Pellet.

Specification of Cow Feed Pellet Making Machine:

Product NameAnimal Feed Pellet Making Machine
Brand NameWeiyan
ColorAs customer’s requirements
Production Capacity150-200kg/h
Main MarketKenya, India, Pakistan, Zambia,Thailand
Inlet TypeAutomatic and Non-Automatic for Your Choice
Wechat0086 17397245582
Blades TypeDouble-edged Razor Blades
Machine MaterialAlloy Steel
PackageSpecial Carton Packages Wooden Case for Exporting
UsageAnimal Poultry Livestock Pellet Making Machine
Key wordAnimal Pellet Machine

Prices of Cow Feed Pellet Making Machine:

$250.00 – $32,000.00

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