The Herd Boss is a lightweight rotary trimming disc that uses chain disc technology to decrease the wrist, arm and upper body pain that usually accompanies hoof trimming. The Herd Boss eliminates the painful chopping motion associated with other rotary blades and gives a smooth trim every time. This trimming disc is specifically designed for large cow herds.

This disc is designed to fit on most 4 ½ inch angle grinders with a ⅞ “ bore. When the subject of hoof care arises during on-farm visits, a full to-do list is often shared. Too many chores are already on the farmer’s daily to-do lists. Lameness treatments and hoof trimming aren’t their top priority either. Thus, the following question came to mind: how can I help our dairy farmers make the hoof trimming chore a little more pleasant?

Hoof trimming is more productive and pleasant when you use professional tools. The following tools are a must-have:

  1. Hoof trimming chute
  2. Proper and safe gating system
  3. Hoof trimming knife
  4. Grinder with a cutting disc
  5. Proven treatment products
  6. Cleaning supplies
  7. Hoof tester
  8. WrapAway bandage remover

Hoof trimming is a dirty job and requires practice. However, it has its rewards. When sorting a cow becomes a rodeo, many herd owners dislike trimming hooves – understandable. Besides taking too long, trimming may require at least two people working together to check one cow’s feet. There must be a better way! Many producers will often delay trimming a lame cow because they may not have the right equipment on hand to hold the cow safely and work efficiently. With that in mind, I’ve put together some pointers to some tools that will make this element of hoof care a less taxing chore and turn it into a satisfying job on the farm. I aim to make trimming a much faster, safer, stress-free, and rewarding procedure. At the end of the day, you should be able to say: “I helped this cow to be able to walk better.

Uses/benefits of Cow Foot Trimming Supplies:

  • Animals are less stressed – happier customers
  • Less physical work – all hydraulically worked
  • Less strain on operators back – four feet are at waist height
  • Backing gate hydraulically worked to aid animal entry
  • Front feet no longer a problem
  • Feet are securely restrained making it easier to hoof pare, apply bandages, shoes etc.

Features of Cow Foot Trimming Supplies:

  • Can be installed indoors or outdoors
  • All functions hydraulically operated using levers including front and back gate
  • Comes with its own hydraulic power pack
  • Galvanise finish
  • Takes just 90 seconds from cow entry to turned position with four feet restrained
  • Cows are very comfortable when in the crate
  • Allows the farmer time to find problem and treat accordingly
  • Very safe for both animal and operator
  • Can handle small heifers to large bulls up to 1.2 tonnes

Specification of Cow Foot Trimming Supplies:

Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Cattle Hoof Trimming Cutter 
Material: Metal 
Color: As Pictures Shown
Quantity: 1PCS 
Suitable for HL-Q7H-II Cattle Hoof Trimming Cutter
Weight: Approx. 319g
Size: Approx. 10x10x1.8cm/3.94×3.94×0.71inch

Prices of Cow Foot Trimming Supplies:

 $77.99 – $2,899.00

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