Cow feed grass cutter machine price can process forages such as oranges, cotton stalks, bean oranges, wheat oranges, pastures, and various types of cereals. Cow feed grass cutter machine price can also be used to smash corn cobs for the cultivation of practical fungi such as oyster mushrooms.

This series of Chaff cutter machine has the characteristics of weeding, weeding and smashing. When weeding, we can throw the materials out of 3-6 meters, improve the old models and need to discharge frequently. Cow feed grass cutter machine price is a large, medium and small farm. And the family is ideal for feeding poultry such as chicken, duck, pig, cow, sheep, etc.

The Cow feed grass cutter machine price has low power, high output, simple structure, convenient operation, one person can operate, a wide range of processing, and raw materials are not limited by length.This Cow feed grass cutter machine price is suitable for crushing: dry and wet corn straw, sorghum straw, corn, wheat, beans, potato and other feed. When pulverized, the feed thickness is controlled by mesh size and can be replaced by different sieve mesh..

Uses/benefits of Cow Grass Cutting Machine:

Steel-framed structure,strong and durable,easy maintain,long service life.
2. With safety device designed to avoid accidents caused by knives knocking into each other,during straw grinding production time,whole machine is safe and reliable for operator.
3. By belt conveyor transport straw into hopper,it including automatic feeding device,so this straw crusher can work automatically and smoothly with a high works speed and works efficiently.
4. Universal joints used as roller transmission with compact structure, the cutter runs flexibly and easy to take apart and install new wearing parts.
5. Multi choice engines – applied with electric motors, diesel engines or tractors so they are especially suitable for areas with a short supply of electricity.
6. The blade made of high-quality steels is refined through special technological process, so it is especially wear-proof. The cutter uses high-strength bolts, and is safe and reliable.
7. The outer covering of thickened steel plates is wholly die-cast through constant welding with the pressed trade mark,so the whole machine is artistic and in good taste and able to stand wear and tear.
8. Competitive price with high production capacity,for the same productivity compare with other supplier. 

Features of Cow Grass Cutting Machine:

1.Steel frame, small in size, light weight, convenient to remove

2.Design with safety device, avoid chew knife accident, the machine is safe and reliable.

3.Adopting advanced feeding provender device, unique feeding provender roller device (already obtained patent), the automatic feeding, conveying chain not winding grass, feed the grass is smooth, High production efficiency

4.Grass roller drive shaft choose gimbal couplings, compact structure, operating flexible, disassembling convenient.

5.Power supplying have different choice: Motor, diesel engine, tractor both are suitable, especially suitablefor the area where lack of electric power.

6.Cutter with high-quality steel, with a special refining process, super wear- resistant; using high strengthbolts, safety and reliability.

7.Machine shell choose thickening steel continuous welded to the whole die forming, the suppression of anti-  counterfeiting labels, beautiful and durable.

8.With Competitive price under the equal output.

Specification of Cow Grass Cutting Machine:

Product NameChaff Cutter
Model NO.9ZT-3.0
Related Voltage220V or 380V
Cutting Length15-32mm
PackagingDifferential Membrane

Prices of Cow Grass Cutting Machine:

$100.00 – $31,000.00

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