Cow Head Gate

Whether mounted on posts at the front of the alley or the front of a squeeze chute, the head gate’s ease of use is the single most important factor in determining how effectively the cattle handling job is executed.If I were king for a day, I would make it mandatory that before anyone could have cattle, they would have to prove the existence of an appropriate handling system on their farm. There are some significant reasons for having a handling system: It’s the only way to humanely handle cattle, and it’s the only safe way for the handler to handle cattle. Without it, cattle that become sick or injured do not get treated. Vaccines, which prevent disease, do not get administered, so the cattle get sick and not treated (and therefore suffer) or die. When cattle need to be gathered for sale or slaughter, they are more difficult to handle because the experience of being in a confined space is new. If you are selling meat to a consumer, this stress of being confined can increase toughness and off flavor.

Since 1964, Priefert’s headgates have revolutionized the way that cattle are worked. The Model 64 Headgate is based on Marvin Priefert’s original full front-opening design. This manual headgate is a great option for the economically-minded rancher and is proof positive that you don’t have to sacrifice quality or durability to save money. Like all Priefert headgates, the HG97 self-adjusts to the correct locking width to fit any size animal. Cattle are controlled by our friction lock, rather than by the strength of the operator. These locks are Guaranteed for Life. The unique design of the Beefmaster Headgate allows the forward motion of the animal to actually help the operator secure the animal in the working position. Full length opening allows the animal to stand relaxed with no danger of choking. Neck and nose bars are available as an option to quickly and safely secure the animal’s head. Headgate is 6′ tall.

Uses/benefits of Cow Head Gate:

This headgate has been the standard for self catch for many years. The headgate can be operated from either side. Its closed opening adjusts from 5 to 12 inches and opens to 28 inches for release. To operate, the 2 doors open towards the animal, creating a larger opening. When the animal puts its head through and pushes forward, it causes the doors to close and make a smaller opening, hence catching them by the head. This headgate easily bolts onto any of our 3 chutes as well as wood posts for those who like to make their own chute. The headgate also has a 7 foot chain used to restrain an animal’s head.

Features of Cow Head Gate:

  • The HG64’s smooth action catch lever allows the operator to catch cattle with confidence and ease.
  • Headgate lock is GUARANTEED FOR LIFE! This friction locking system allows a perfect fit for every size animal.
  • Headgate is reversible for left or right-handed operation.
  • Head Restraint Chain can easily be secured around an animal’s head to provide easy access for doctoring eyes or reading ear tags/tattoos.
  • 5 year limited warranty on workmanship and materials.


  • Overall Height: 73”
  • Overall Width (including handle): 48”
  • Maximum Opening Width: 26”
  • Weight: 166 lbs (All weights approximate)
  • Friction locks are guaranteed for life – DO NOT oil or lubricate friction locks.
  • Dip painted Priefert Blue
  • Inside Height: 55.5″

Prices of Cow Head Gate:


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