Cow Head Lock are ideal for farmers who require a durable, cost-effective headlock. Each cattle headlock is hot dipped galvanized. The cow panel can easily be mounted to round posts, square posts or flat surfaces. Cow panels are available in 8′, 10′ and 12′ sections.use headlocks in free stall barns
dairy cows need many routine treatments and check-ups to stay productive and healthy. In conventional barns (tie-stall & stanchion), this intensive management is relatively easy. In freestall barns, with cows “on the loose, it can become a challenge to find individual cows and treat them. Installing and using headlocks (self-locking headgates) can be a profitable way to solve. with intensive management, each cow may need individual attention for important check-ups or treatments up to 50 times per lactation cycle. Headlocks make it easy to identify animals and make it possible to carry out the work safely and efficiently. Without headlocks, animals are “on the loose”, and need to be located and identified.


When eat feed, the New cattle farm machinery equipment cow head lock can keep cow into a just place. This equipment can close and open smoothly when cow eating feed. It is good for veterinarian or mating person to do routine checkups of cow, immunity, artificial fertilization, pregnancy, treatment, release angle, birth calves etc., which educed the labor intensiy but improved the work efficiency. Also, the cow can get all kinds of feed when eating in a just place, that’s better to keep cows have a balanced nutrition, thus to keep the milking produce stable. That’s the necessary equipment for a scaled dairy farm.

A. Favourable price and high quality.

B. With one year warranty.

C. Technical support.

D. With CE, ISO certificate.

E. With ideal wooden crate packaging.

F. Fast delivery.


– Durable products. After completing, through treating surface with hot galvanizing to prevent steel corrosion, at least 0.8 mm.

– Simple operation, only need a 90 ° rotation and a press fit, can complete the work of the whole lock and unlock.

– Humanized design, can improve the work efficiency. With 2 self-closing head locks on each set headlock, can greatly reduce the labor intensity.

– Good flexibility. A whole row of cow headlock can be self-locked, also can be a single. This design is convenient for daily work.

– Cow-friendly design, can guarantee cattle feeding time. According to cows age, design different specifications of the headlock and increase the milk yield.


ProductCow head lock
Colorslivery white
Packaging Detailswooden case, carton box ,plastic bag
MOQ20 sets
Unit8 head-lock as a set
Total width600cm


$35.00 – $39.00

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