Cow Lifting Equipment

Cow Lifting Equipment Veterinarian often come across Cows and Buffalos with the downer syndrome unable to stand up needs to be treated by lifting the heavy animals to avoid complications of bed sores and nervous debility by improving circulation by massage. This Animal lifting Apparatus helps the Veterinaries to lift the recumbent animal for the treatment as well as close examination and evaluation.

Equipment to be taken to the site of recumbent animal and place it in such a way that the animal is in the middle of the equipment. Fix the belt passing through the ventricle surface of the body from front portion to back ward one by one fixing the 8 hooks on either side and secure it well. Slowly lift the animal by operating the handle of the pulley by rotating from left to right. Animal to be lifted to the height so that it can stand on its four limbs. Massage the body to increase the circulation. Veterinarian to decide course of treatment observing the improvement in bearing the load on itself.

For its long shelf life the equipment is to be properly maintained in the premises. The equipment is to be kept in a clean and dry condition. The belt is to be washed and dried after the usage and stored in a bag. Gear box system needs greasing once in a month. Trolley wheel to be greased regularly once in a month.

Uses/benefits of Cow Lifting Equipment:

Having a way to lift your cow up either due to illness or injury is a vital piece of equipment at your dairy or ranch and could one day save your cow, save you vet visits, and save you money! Cattle lifts come in a variety of sizes and styles. Our Daisy cow lift is heavy duty and built to lift any size cow for extended periods of time, our hip lifts and front end slings are economical and get the job done for a quick lift. Just choose your desired size cow lift and follow the checkout procedure and we’ll make sure it arrives at your door step, ready to use in case of an emergency. Or call us to discuss the different cattle lifts to choose from. So please order your cattle lifter today to ensure your cattle are safe.

Features of Cow Lifting Equipment:

Cow lifting device dairy hip lifter for assisting a cow into a standing

Cow lifting device dairy hip lifter for assisting a cow into a standing is used for post-partum paralysis of cows, and the calves can’t stand due to other reasons such as calving injury.

Cow lifting device dairy hip lifter for assisting a cow into a standing is a kind of remarkable, lightweight device has many uses, including post parturient paresis, assisting a cow down on wet cement, prolapsed uterus, restraint during surgery, assisting the cow in cases of generalized weakness, and obturator paralysis of fracture repair. Fits the largest or smallest cow. Easy to use, place the cow lift over the back of the cow or calf. Turn the convenient handle on the threaded rod and pull the rings snug to the hipbones, but not too tight, just enough so they will not slip off when the cow is raised. Remove by reversing the threaded rod.

Product Specification:

Usagefor cow lifting,
Required PartManually
BrandOwn manufacturing
Capacity550 kg
AMC/After Sales ServiceProvided
Weight140 kg approx
Power SourceMANUAL
No. Of Wheels4
FinishingColor Coated
Is It CustomizedCustomized
I deal inNew Only
Installation ProvidedNo
Minimum Order Quantity2

Prices of Cow Lifting Equipment:

$276.50 – $1,685.00

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