Cow Scratching Brush Price

The EasySwing Totem cattle brush is designed for independent brushing of horses and bovines in enclosures and on pastures. The system is installed on a concrete plate. The meticulous design of the system and careful selection of manufacturing components ensure the Totem cattle brush is built to withstand even the roughest handling by animals all year round. The screw-in ground kit is not included. MORE INFORMATION: Rubbing post for outdoor use + Sturdy construction + Withstands harsh weather and freezing temperatures + Weatherproofed structure + Extremely well suited for Highland Cattle + Low-maintenance system + Last long in use.

Features of Cow Scratching Brush

The fully automatic cow/cattle body brush hangs where the cow usually moves.One cow/cattle body brush can clean and massage for 20-30 cows/cattles. Brush body adopts imported nylon thread, not easy to deform, wear resistant. 360 ° C non-dead-end rotation, with the function of automatically avoiding the involvement of ox tail, and can automatically start, stop and delay rotation, to achieve the purpose of self-cleaning and body comfort of cow/cattle, so as to increase the feed intake of the cattle and also can improve the quality of the milk.

  • Different start-up directions reduce the wear and tear on the brushes
  • Recommended cow to brush ratio of 50:1
  • Will rotate for around a minute after the cow has activated the motor
  • Comes with optional clamps and fasteners for clamping on to cubicle frames as well as wall-mounting

Uses/benefits of Cow Scratching Brush

  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Built to withstand even the roughest handling by animals year round
  • No motor or electricity
  • Bristles come as replaceable indiviual rings
  • Improves animal comfort
  • Improves cow comfort – Keeps cows clean – Encourages hair shedding – Promotes proper traffic flow- Minimizes destructive behavior
  • Simple – No motor or electricity – Full swinging motion – Extremely durable
  • Bristles come as replaceable individual rings


Product Name:Poultry equipment cow brush scratching machine for cow cattle
Brush Material:PP
Handle Material:Stainless
Filament material :More polypropylene(hard wire pp)
The thickness of the shaft:20-25mm
Brush diameter:500mm
Shaft:ID 125-127mm
Rotational speed:24 round per minute
Package:Carton Box 520*520*620mm
Delivery time:15-20daysa after deposit

Prices of Cow Scratching Brush


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