Cows need to scour and scrape. This is how they clean themselves and rid themselves of parasites, lichens and mites. Brushing stimulates and encourages blood circulation. The use of a cow cleaning machine or cattle brush is a major contribution to the cow’s welfare and is therefore essential for a high milk yield. The animals are calmer and their well-being is increased. Our Electric Cattle Brushes are easy to assemble. A sensor prevents tail hair from getting pulled in. All frame parts are zinc-plated and have been tested under the toughest conditions in pens. In addition, the Duo and Swing Brushes have intelligent control and a display. The extensive operating instructions included with every machine contain all of the key information on how to put together, maintain and troubleshoot the equipment.

The electric cattle brushes are virtually maintenance free. The lubrication of pressure points and the prompt replacement of brush rollers extend service life and attractiveness to animals. Cows like a good scratch, so satisfying that instinct with a brush designed for the job can only be good for herd wellbeing. A happy cow will always perform better, so dairy farmers who install brushes in housing might expect to recoup some of their investment through higher milk yields and improved performance overall.

Brush Size: OD:500*length:1000
Brush Material: PP
Brush Diameter: 2-3mm*160mm
Brush: Carton Box 520*520*620mm
Brush N.W: 14kgs±0.5kgs

Uses/benefits of Cow Scratching Machine:

Through automatic controls, the cows start up the machine by themselves by a slight lift of the brush. After the machine has been turned on, the brush is in operation for approx. 60 seconds. After it switches itself off, the cow cleaning machine can be immediately reused. The cows use the machine six times a day, on average.

• uses the cow’s natural behaviour of rubbing its body up against the feeding tree and activating the device

• the HAPPYCOW has been built especially for group pens, where cows are free to move about

• easy to mount everywhere

• all steel components are galvanized

• very thick bristle configuration

• consumed brushes easy to replace

• protection frame not included

The advantages:

• increases your cows’ well-being

• increases the milk yield

• reduces your vet bills


Product Name:Colorful Cow Body Massage Brush For Cattle Cleaning
Brush Material:PP
Handle Material:Stainless
Filament material :More polypropylene(hard wire pp)
The thickness of the shaft:20-25mm
Brush diameter:500mm
Shaft:ID 125-127mm
Rotational speed:24 round per minute
Package:Carton Box 520*520*620mm
Delivery time:15-20daysa after deposit

Prices of Cow Scratching Machine:

$380.00 – $500.00

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