Cow Weight Scale

Cow Weight Scale The multiple variations of these impeccable weight measurement devices are known to offer superior precision in measuring body weight and mass. The products here are operated on batteries and tempered glass, stainless steel products are well-known to be sustainable against all forms of demanding uses. These cattle weighing scale are capable of measuring up to 180 kgs or more depending on the products and come with a bright digital display. 

The large capacity cattle walk-in weighing scale has a large load capacity of 2000kg and is a flexible series of imported scales that offer multiple configurations to suit a variety of weighing and display applications. Our weighing scales are imported models with a 12 months warranty offer. Capacity: 2000kg or more, A non-mobile system with an indicator for easy weighing operations

Uses/benefits of Cow Weight Scale:

  • Specially designed fences and gates
  • Good quantity of steel plate welded, sturdy and beautiful appearance
  • Sizes and materials, indicators, frames, connectors, etc. can be produced on request
  • Using U-shaped cold-formed steel group welding, the scale body has high strength
  • Junction box built-in, beautiful and generous
  • Battery charging detachable indicator.
  • Durable design for rigorous applications. This scale will provide years of use in challenging environments. 

Features of Cow Weight Scale:

  • High Quality Material-Aluminum-casting case,high firm hook and shackle,durable, more compact, easy to move.
  • High Precision-With dedicated weighing loadcell,accuracy and stability higher.
  • Advanced Technology-Cutting-edge technology,quality integrated circuit for high performance and long-time stability.
  • Enhance Sensitivity-The use of flexible membrane keys integrated design, sensitivity and feel better.Using self-recovery switch button design, more high-end.
  • Handheld Remote Control-Easy to operate, enhanced functions.American standard eye hook,LCD display with backlight.

Product Specification:

Weighing Capacity100-500Kg
UseIndustrial, Business
Battery6V,4.5 AH Battery
Voltage230 V

Prices of Cow Weight Scale:

$256.00 – $2,200.00

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