Cream Separator For Goat Milk: The industrial age, pasteurization, and modernization profoundly changed the dairy industry. The days when families milked their own cows and goats, separated cream, and churned their own butter are long gone or are they .While modernization has its benefits, many people long for the traditions and flavors of the past. For some, milk and cream separation and home-churned butter are a matter of principal; it’s a move back toward organic eating, a simpler lifestyle, and localization. For others, it’s a matter of taste store-bought butter simply can’t compare to fresh! Whether you want to get back to the basics or start a fresh new hobby, if you have access to fresh milk, you can make your own cream and butter.


  1. Cream Milk Electric Centrifugal Separator 100 L/R 110V USA/CANADA by Motor Sich.
  2. SlavicBeauty Electric Milk Cream Separator Machine. …
  3. Minneer Electric Cream Centrifugal Separator. …
  4. Dairy Milk Cream Separator Manual Hand Crank. …
  5. MS Electric Cream Separator.


If you have goats and want to separate the cream from the milk, you’ll definitely need a cream separator. A cream separator is recommended for cow milk as well, because it speeds the process dramatically and removes contaminants. You can even process up to 80 liters of milk per hour with a cream separator.


  • The ideal machine on the farm: The jug can hold 3 gallons of milk at a time. Using this milk separator can separate 21 gallons of milk in one hour. It is a must-have for cows, goats, sheep and horse farms.
  • 2. Complete separation: The machine’s speed is up to 9000-10000 rpm, through high-speed rotation, the milk and ghee are completely separated. efore the milk is separated, the milk needs to be heated to about 40 degrees Fahrenheit, so that the separation effect will be optimal.
  • 3.Concentration adjustment: When using a milk centrifuge, you can adjust the consistency of the cream. Use a wrench to adjust the knob to make the cream reach your ideal concentration.
  • 4.Two models: We have two types of milk centrifuges, which can process 13gallons and 21gallons of milk in one hour. The machine can work continuously for 3 hours, so that your fresh milk can be processed quickly.
  • 5. English manual: We have a detailed English manual to teach you how to install and use the machine. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.


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