Cream separator, machine for separating and removing cream from whole milk; its operation is based on the fact that skim milk (milk with no butterfat) is heavier than cream. The separator consists of a centrifuge in the form of a rapidly revolving bowl containing a set of disks. The separator consists of a centrifuge in the form of a rapidly revolving bowl containing a set of disks. The bowl is mounted on a spindle situated underneath the milk supply tank. As milk enters the bowl at the top, it is distributed to the disks through a series of openings, the distributor. Thin films of milk are generated as whole milk is forced out between the disks; the milk assumes the speed of the bowl, approximately 6,000 to 8,000 revolutions per minute, and the heavier skim milk is thrown to the outer edge of the bowl and led off through an opening. The cream concentrates in the interior and moves up to the cream outlet near the centre of the bowl. The most efficient separators leave less than 0.01 percent fat in the skim milk.


A cream separator is defined as a device that separates the whole milk into skimmed milk or cream. It is a centrifugal device and is commonly used on farms in the past years. This device is beneficial, especially for farmers, to milk their cows manually.


  • This separator is made of food-grade aluminium and alloys, you can trust and use with confidence.
  • Using this manual cream separator, you can separate about 50 liters of raw milk per hour.
  • This highly effective, easy-to-use Milk Cream Separator provide a cost effective solution to many dairy farms. Ideal for people with cows, goats.
  • This hand cream machine using centrifugal force to separate the cream from the milk; The hand crank is used to spin the drum at high speeds, which in turn, separates the two liquids.
  • Our manual cream separator will hold up to 5 liters of raw milk at a time; This will give you the ability to do bigger batches than what can be accomplished using other methods.


Electric Milk SeparatorManual Milk Separator
Rated Power100W/
Max. Milk Output21~26Gal/h21~26Gal/h
Milk Bowl Capacity12L/3Gal12L/3Gal
Bowl MaterialAluminum AlloyAluminum Alloy
Bowl Diameter365 mm365 mm
Cream/skimmed milk volume proportion adjustment range1:4 ~ 1:101:4 ~ 1:10
Product Size19.7*14.2*14.2in19.7*14.2*14.2in
Net Weight6.5kg/14.3lbs7.5kg/16.5lbs


$275.99 – $346.64

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