Crossbow is a non-selective post-emergent herbicide that targets woody plants and brush such as blackberries and poison oak, as well as annual and perennial broadleaves, while leaving grasses unharmed. Crossbow achieves excellent control of woody plants and brush and can be applied by all types of sprayers, from hand-held models to tractor-mounted spray rigs. Except for lactating dairy animals there are no grazing restrictions following the application of Crossbow Herbicide.  Crossbow is rainfast within two hours after application.


  • 2,4 Dichloeophenoxtacetic acid triclopyr BEE : 3,5,6-trichloro-2-phridinyloxyacetic acid
  • Rangeland, Grass Pastures, Fence rows, roadsides and non-crop areas
  • Crossbow specialty herbicide is recommended for control of most species of unwanted woody plants, as well as annual and perennial broadleaf weeds, growing on rangeland, permanent grass pastures, CRP, fence rows, non-irrigation ditchbanks, roadsides, other non-crop areas, and industrial sites

Features and Benefits

  • Dual Active Ingredients: 2,4-D – 34.4% and Triclopyr – 16.5%
  • Post-emergent
  • Excellent control of woody plants and brush
  • Rainfast in 2 hours


Post-emergence (Annual and Perennial Weeds):

  • Do not make more than two applications per year
  • Maximum of 1 gallon (1 lb ae triclopyr + 2 lb ae per acre 2,4-D) per application
  • Minimum of 30 days between application
  • Use 2 gallons or more of spray solution per acre

Post-emergence (Woody Plants):

  • Limited to 1 application per year
  • Maximum of 2 gallons (2 lb ae triclopyr + 4 lb ae per acre 2,4-D) per year
  • Use 2 gallons or more of spray solution per acre

Types of Weeds

There are a large number of weeds and plant species Crossbow herbicide effectively kills. Some weeds are removed for cosmetic reasons, while others wreak havoc on properties that are meant to stay clear, like golf courses and other manicured grounds. These plants include, but are not limited to the following:

  • blueweed
  • buttercup, annual
  • horseweed
  • lambsquarters, common
  • mustard, wild


The best time to spray Crossbow herbicide is in the spring and summer when plants are actively growing. Mornings are also a better time to spray. Temperatures are usually lower and humidity is higher. When spraying, thoroughly wet all the leaves of the target weeds for best results. While Crossbow will have no impact on grasses, be careful around ornamental plants since it can cause some damage. Do not spray this product around ponds or where it may runoff into ponds as Crossbow is toxic to fish and other aquatic animals. Lastly, Crossbow will kill agricultural crops, like cotton, so do not spray around fields.

Use Crossbow herbicide in all areas where you want to effectively kill broadleaf weeds or brushy, woody plants. When sprayed according to the label, Crossbow is a safe, effective option to manage the edge of yards and natural areas.

Product information

Product Dimensions17 x 6 x 11 inches
Item Weight22.2 pounds
Customer Reviews4.5 out of 5 stars    52 ratings
4.5 out of 5 stars
Best Sellers Rank#69,782 in Patio, Lawn & Garden
#1,863 in Pest Repellents
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo

Prices of Crossbow Herbicide

$64.95I – $76.98

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