Krystal flash is an amazingly versatile flashy fiber material that has been around for a long time and continues to earn our respect day after day, year after year. We useKrystal flashfor the sole material as wing on a steelhead or salmon fly. We use Krystal flash as a topping, anywhere from two skimpy strands to a dozen strands (favorite is 6 strands) as a topping on wet flies for salmon and steelhead. We tie in a half dozen strands of gold or blue metallic Krystal flash instead of the traditional turkey wing on our high floating skating Muddlers.

Main pont here is that Krystal flash it hot stuff, we tie flies with it, it will never go our of style or functional value, and at last count Krystal flash was available and we stocked Krystal flash in well over forty color variations including UV Krystal flash, and metallic Krystal flash, and fluorescent colors of Krystal flash. Standard, good forever Krystal flash is available in over 40 colors. You gotta pick your favorite from this palate. Always works, always applicable, always will be

Features of Crystal Flash Fly Tying:

These fly tying material is very beautiful and very light.
I think you can develop your imagination and do many things.Crystal Flash is twisted into a spiral to reflect light in all directions. It’s used to accent many aspects of patterns such as wings, tails, wing cases or lateral lines. It is stiff enough to be used on its own as a parachute post.

Uses/benefits of Crystal Flash Fly Tying:

Krystal Flash has bright colors and nice texture. Krystal Flash is twisted mylar strand. The twisted texture will reflect light with bright and subtle effect at the same time. Mylar strand is durable making your flies long lasting.

Products Specification:

Product nameIn Stock 30 cm Shinny 3D Effect Flashabou Crystal Flash Fly Tying Materials Krystal Flash Wing Material
Item numberSPS-Fly Tying Materials
Typefly tying material
MOQ20 bags
UsageFlashabou Fishing Lure
Feature1,marabou action for fties andlures. 2,Super strong fiber won’t matter as it swims and flows through the water, beckoning fish. 3,Great colors with a 3-D effectfrom each strand.
Delivery timeWithin 7 business working days for ready ship goods.
PackingAbout 5g/bag
QualityHigh quality.
Payment TermTT, LC, Paypal, AliPay, Western Union,Etc.

Prices of Crystal Flash Fly Tying :

$13.98 – $35.83

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