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Darina F1 cucumber seed is one of the most productive cucumber seeds available in the market. The matured fruits of Darina F1 are usually deep green in color with a big size and cylindrical shape. This variety has predominantly female flowers and may not necessarily need bees for pollination. Darina F1 cucumber seeds can be planted all year round in all locations within tropical environmental conditions including Nigeria. That means you can as well plant this variety in the rainy season and in the dry season. Due to its hybrid nature, this variety of cucumber seeds is also very tolerant and resistant to a number of diseases and pests like the mosaic virus from cucumber and powdery mildew.

First, it has the function of beauty and skin care. Modern medical research has proved that there is yellow flower enzyme in fresh cucumber. It can promote the metabolism of the body, expand the capillaries of the skin, promote blood circulation and enhance the antioxidant effect of the skin. Therefore, cucumber has the effect of beauty.Second, it has the effect of clearing breath and benefiting the kidney. Cucumber juice can treat gum diseases, such as gum swelling and gingivitis. Because it treats gum disease, it can make your Breath fresher.Third, it has the effect of detoxification and relieving constipation. Cucumber contains fine cellulose, which can promote intestinal peristalsis and help the body eliminate defecation. Therefore, it is known as the efficacy of a garbage cleaner of the intestine, and often eating cucumbers can also prevent kidney stones.

Features of Cucumber Seeds

  • Darina F1 grows with very large leaves, which makes the variety very efficient in the use of sunlight for photosynthesis. This makes the plants manufacture more food and lead to better yield and revenue.
  • Darina F1 has a vigorous growth habit. The plant can grow as high as 12 ft if staked. it is important to stake the cucumber on the farm to achieve the best results.
  • The fruits produced by Darina F1 are super dark green, and this color quality commands better prices especially in most parts of Nigeria.
  • Darina F1 matures faster in hot climate
  • Resistance to cucumber vein yellow virus
  • Resistance to cucumber scab disease
  • Resistance to cucumber mosaic virus
  • Resistance to powdery mildew


  • Plant vigour: Strong   |   Plant continuance: Medium
  • Internode length: Long   |   Side branches: Medium
  • Pruning needed: No   |   Sex expression (flowers): Monoecious


  • Fruit length (cm): 18 – 20   |   Fruit colour at picking: Dark green
  • No. of fruit per node: One or two
  • Fruit shape: Cylindrical medium   |   Fruit shape uniformity: Good
  • Fruit skin: Ribbed and bumpy   |   Fruit neck: Small
  • Neck smoothness: Smooth   |   Bitterness: No
  • Seed cavity: Medium   |   Spine development: Very spiny (For Poinsett)
  • Spine colour: White
  • Flavour: Good
  • Shelf life: Very long

Uses/benefits of Cucumber Seeds

  • Parthenocarpic Mini Cucumber with fruits of 16 to 18 cm long
  • Open plant type with relatively small leaves and multi fruit bearing
  • Dark green shiny fruits long , slightly ribbed and uniform cylindrical in shape
  • Perfect product for slicing and salads

Product Specification

Packaging Size10gram packet
Packaging Typepacket
Pack TypeBag
Pack Size1000 seed per pack
Minimum Order Quantity1 packet

Prices of Cucumber Seeds

  $ 22.58 $ 2100 / kg

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