Debeaking Machine Price varies from brsnds to brands and also according to their capacity .This machine with three-core power cord to ensure electricity safety. 2.Unplug the power and turn off the switch after use. after the whole machine cooled, pls covered with plastic bag to prevent dust and dampness.
3.Lubricating oil should be added regularly.


 Beak trimming in poultry management is the act of reducing the length of the beak of poultry birds. The purpose of doing this is to prevent feather pulling and cannibalism and to reduce feed wastage.


  • Beak trimming rate: 1500-1800pcs/h; Temperature range of movable blade: 600-800℃; Blade stopping time 0-4seconds adjustable.
  • Cut the beak and stop bleeding! Cutting beak quickly, stop bleeding 0-4 seconds to adjustable.
  • Blade speed, 6 files to adjust according to your own situation.
  • A full range of cooling ventilation, keeps machine always in good state. Improve the rate of raising young fowl.
  • Prevent chicks from pecking each other. Reduce feed wastage. Upgrade thickness handle, easy to carry. Automatic cutter


Usage/ApplicationBeak Cutting
Beak Cutting Ratio750 to 900 per Hour
Electric Voltage220
Inverter Power50 to 60 Hz
Temp of Hot Blade600 to 800 Degree Celcius
Weight7 kg


$51.99 – $280.00

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