The automatic debeaking machine is an electric poultry equipment used for cutting the beak of different kinds of poultry birds like; layers, cockerels, turkey etc The Automatic debeaking machine as an advance to all other kinds of debeaking machine is self cutting with 3 speed level to be adjusted to your desired space. The self cutting ability of the automatic debeaking machine makes it possible for you to debeak a large number of birds without breaking a sweat. When the switch is turned on, adjust the temperature of the movable blade till it looks reddish or bright. When the movable blade glows, start the motor switch and the boat-shaped switch. Adjust the aperture of the micro cutter blade according to the beak size. Hold the chicken’s feet with the left hand, the neck with the right thumb, and pin the throat with the forefinger of the right hand. Stick the beak of the chicken into the aperture. Bleeding stops in 2-4 second after the movable blade drops.


(1) Prevent chicks from pecking each other.
(2) Reduce feed wastage.
(3) The chicks are well-growth.
(4) Improve the rate of raising young fowl.


  • Beak trimming rate: 1500-1800pcs/h; Temperature range of movable blade: 600-800℃; Blade stopping time 0-4seconds adjustable.
  • Cut the beak and stop bleeding! Cutting beak quickly, stop bleeding 0-4 seconds to adjustable.
  • Blade speed, 6 files to adjust according to your own situation.
  • A full range of cooling ventilation, keeps machine always in good state. Improve the rate of raising young fowl.
  • Prevent chicks from pecking each other. Reduce feed wastage. Upgrade thickness handle, easy to carry. Automatic cutter.


Equipment UseDebeaking
Automation GradeManual
Bird TypeChicken
Packaging TypeCarton Box
Usage/ApplicationPoultry Farm
Temperature of movable knife800-1000 Degree Celcius
Time of stopping knife and stanching blood0-4 seconds


$65.62 – $105.05

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