Deep Ploughing Machine

In highland crop fields, saprolite is piled up approximately every three years as deep much as 20 to 30 cm because farmers expect that adding new materials may improve productivity and mitigate hazards by continuous cultivation of a single crop. Piling saprolite, however, has been reported to induce poor soil drainage. Effects of deep ploughing with a spading machine and an excavator were studied in sites located in Daekwanryeong-myeon, Pyeongchang in which soil physical properties were deteriorated by piled saprolite. The soil made of parent material of Samgag series was piled up over surface soil of Haggog series naturally developed in the area. Carrot was cultivated in the field.

Productivity and growth factors of carrot were compared among control and deep ploughing by a spading machine and an excavator. Effective soil depth extended to 60 cm or greater by 60 cm deep ploughing by an excavator or 50 cm deep ploughing by a spading machine. On the other hand, effective soil depth was within 50 cm at control plot. Productivity of carrot responded to amelioration of soil physical properties. The productivity was greater in deep ploughing treatments than that of control or 30 cm ploughing. It suggested that increased productivity by deep ploughing was mainly related to breaking plough pan which inhibited extension of rooting zone. We are the leading providers of Mounted Disc Plough. These are designed by our expert team of engineers and technocrats. Our range of Mounted Disc Plough is flawless and glitch free. These features make them the most preferred in the industry. Our Mounted Disc Ploughs are preferred in the market for various features which are as follows:

Uses/benefits of Deep Ploughing Machine

  • Can work upon all types of soil
  • Available with 2,3 or 4 disc options
  • Can plough large roots and other obstructions
  • Outstanding penetration
  • Build in depth control
  • Under frame as well as unit to unit clearance


  • Soil breaking
  • Soil turning
  • Soil raising

Features of Deep Ploughing Machine

– Sturdy frame with high-strength steel tips allows plowing up to 700mm deep under any soil conditions
– 30mm thickness of plowshare legs
– ldeal for even the toughest soils with hard locks
– With a superior driving force, it can be operated in hilly areas and even under the roughest soil condition.
– Great performance on rough ground, dry & hard soil and rocky fields.

Product Specification

TypeHydraulic Plough
Size24 inch
Weight700 Kg
Surface TreatmentDry Color Coated
Minimum Order Quantity10

Prices of Deep Ploughing Machine

$324.84 -$1,200.00

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