There are lots of different types of fish to catch when you go deep sea fishing.  Fish living in depths over 100 feet deep can be big and fast just as they can be small and slow. There are, of course, a number of more specialized items that may or may not also be needed aboard your boat. If you plan on pursuing large pelagics like tunas and wahoo, you’ll need to carry a gaff. If bait fishing is in the cards you may need a cutting board and bait knife. And if you plan to try kite fishing, you won’t have too much luck without a kite. Then, there are specific lures, rigs, and weights that will be needed depending on where and how you fish. No matter who you are or how you plan to pursue your quarry, however, these 10 items belong on your fishing boat—and on you list of essential saltwater fishing gear.

  1. Rods and reels
  2. Landing nets
  3. A bucket
  4. Long-nose pliers
  5. Lures and/or bait
  6. Binoculars
  7. Ruler
  8. Basic tool kit
  9. Braid scissors
  10. Lip-grippers

Features of Deep Sea Fishing Gear:

1. This is a trolling device, which can place your lure to the depth required by adjusting the swivels.
2. Quality plastic material, high hardness, durable, corrosion resistant, long service life.
3. The diving board most suitable for migratory fish and bluefin tuna in the upper and the middle stratum.
4. The board dives with wiggling and wobbling actions, it gives the lure lifelike action.
5. The black board can put sinker inside to adjust the weight.


Type: Artificial Hard Bait

Weight: 8g

Color: Red, blue, green, white, multicolor

Material: PVC

Size: 6CM

Capacity: Fishing Lures


100% brand new and high quality.

High brightness display LED light.

Visual positioning accurate.

Low power consumption, ultra-long shine time.

A great tool to attract fish in free water or sea

Hook it on fishing net or fishing lures, effectively in attracting fishes, shrimps and crabs, add more fun for your fishing time

Package included:  

1 x Glowing Fishing Lures

Prices of Deep Sea Fishing Gear:

$218.96 – $2,410.99

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