Diesel Irrigation Pump, propane, electric or Natural Gas engines matched to our Flange-Mount Pumps to ensure you get the most economical pumping system. Using a large variety of highly efficient multi-stage flanged or bare-shaft centrifugal pumps to ensure you get the most efficient and economical system available. Systems are designed to fit each individual project to make sure you get the unit for your specific use.

Uses of Diesel Irrigation Pump

Diesel Irrigation pumps are used to pump water from a lower to a higher level from which the water then flows through channels to the fields requiring irrigation (lift operation) or to raise it to the required pressure head so that it can be sprayed on the fields via piping systems (sprinkling).

Types of Diesel Irrigation Pump

50HP Complete Pump Unit

37HP Complete Pump Unit

25HP Kubota Engine

Diesel Irrigation Water Pumps Diesel SF Electric Or Diesel Irrigation Water Pumps

Pump Irrigation Diesel Water Pumps Irrigation Water Pump WP30 Engine High

Agricultural irrigation diesel belt driven water pumps


  • Two-tire chassis with incorporated fuel-tank
  • Staker Legs
  • Standard electric starting with battery
  • Engine protective panel ( in case of oil low-pressure, engine overheating, drive belt break, water pressure fall )
  • Pressostat
  • Pressure gauge
  • Tachometers
  • Hours meters
  • Suction and delivery flanges

Prices of Diesel Irrigation Pump

$ 3000-30000 / Piece


$177.00-US$200.00/ Set

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