Diesel Plough Machine

Configuration diesel engine 23.5kw, Choose 3+1 gear box (high and low speed),Forward speed 1.48-5.59km/h,reverse speed 0.85 km/h,Walking system is tracked (rubber and steel tracks can be used in two forms),operation way is remote control,remote control distance more than 100m. this machine configuration the tiller, lawn mower, aslo can Optional the Cultivation, fertilization, weeding, spraying and traction and so on. The utility model is a typical self-propelled multifunctional machine tool.

. The micro-tiller is powered by a small diesel or gasoline engine, and has the characteristics of light weight, small size and simple structure. Micro-tillage machines are widely used in drylands, paddy fields, orchards in plains, mountains, and hills. Equipped with corresponding equipment, it can perform pumping, power generation, spraying, spraying and other operations, and can also tow trailers for short-distance transportation. The micro-tillage machine can be exercised freely in the field, which is convenient for users to use and store, eliminating the trouble that large agricultural machinery cannot enter mountainous fields.

Features of Diesel Plough Machine:

1) Engine: one cylinder , water cooled diesel engine from Changchai.
2) Operation way: remote control or manual.
3) Overall size: have the more small , fit to different zone to work. 
4) Pedrail : two type for choose : rubber and steel tracks.
5) Multifunction: Cultivation, fertilization, weeding, spraying and traction and so on.

Uses/benefits of Diesel Plough Machine

1.The trademark can be customized.
2. The clutch handle is a grip-type clutch. When the handle is released, the clutch is in a separated state, which greatly improves the safety during operation.
3. Flexible operation, adjustable handle up and down, adjustable width and depth of cultivated land.
4, small size, light weight, save time and effort when working.
5, good economy, very low fuel consumption, suitable price.
6, the scope of use, can be widely used in greenhouses, mountains, hills and plains rotary rotation.
7. This machine is suitable for loam, clay, light clay, dry land, and is not suitable for soil with more roots, weeds, and stones in the soil.
8. Advanced performance, reliable quality and easy operation.


Products modelFL-404
Wheel drive4×4 Wheel type( 4×2 optional)
Front wheel (mm)(mm)850、960、1000、1100、1200、1300adjustable 
Rear wheel tread (mm)960-1300 unlimited adjustable
Wheel base(mm)1750
Minimum clearance330(340)
Tire size6.5-16/9.5-24(Optional : 7.5-16/11.2-24)
Gear Shifts8+2(8+8)
Engine BrandLD/QC/XC/diesel engine
TypeWater cooled, Vertical,4 stroke and direct injection
Rated power(kw)29.4
Rated revolution (r / m)2300/2400
Transmission box(4+1)x2 shifts or (4+4)x2
ClutchSingle chip,Dry friction and single& double stage clutch 
Starting wayElectric start
PTO6 spline/540/720RPM or 540/760RPM
SuspensionThree point linkage/I level
Optional configurationRopes&sunshade/valves/ Luxury seat/Flat Tyre etc

Prices of Diesel Plough Machine

$600.00 $4,980.00

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