Digital Cattle Scales The livestock scales produced by our company adopts the newly designed steel structure weighing platform with high-precision weighing sensor and intelligent weighing display instrument, which has the functions of high accuracy, rapid weighing, stable and reliable function. For pigs, cattle, horses, sheep, chickens, geese, ducks and other animal weighing needs. Animal scale is designed for livestock, slaughtering industry design professional electronic scale. This type of scales with a new design steel weighing platform, equipped with four high-precision shear beam load cell and intelligent weighing indicator, weighing system components. The system is highly accurate, weighing rapid, stable and reliable. Particularly suitable for weighing all kinds of live animals.

Features of Digital Cattle Scales:

  • High Quality Material-Aluminum-casting case,high firm hook and shackle,durable, more compact, easy to move.
  • High Precision-With dedicated weighing loadcell,accuracy and stability higher.
  • Advanced Technology-Cutting-edge technology,quality integrated circuit for high performance and long-time stability.
  • Enhance Sensitivity-The use of flexible membrane keys integrated design, sensitivity and feel better.Using self-recovery switch button design, more high-end.
  • Handheld Remote Control-Easy to operate, enhanced functions.American standard eye hook,LCD display with backlight.

Uses/benefits of Digital Cattle Scales:

1. Uses in weighing animals, easily to wash in structure.
2.Rail structure, the door’s way and height is optional according to different animals
3.Platform size and capacity is optional
4.All stainless steel is optional.

5.All steel scale body structure, pattern plate.

6.Waterproof design scale body completely rust, easy cleaning, flushing

7.Double door design, convenient livestock weighing

 8.comprehensive dynamic weighing mode, convenient, accurate, fast

Note : Size can be customized , Details Price kindly consult us by mail or trademanager !

Specification of Digital Cattle Scales:

ModelSpecification(mxm)Max Capacity
PC1520-31.5 x 2.03~10t
PC2030-32.0 x 3.0
PC2040-32.0 x 4.03~10t

Prices of Digital Cattle Scales:

$500.00 – $2,000.00

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