Digital Cattle Weighing Scales

Animal scale is designed for livestock, slaughtering industry design professional electronic scale. This type of scales with a new design steel weighing platform, equipped with four high-precision shear beam load cell and intelligent weighing indicator, weighing system components. The system is highly accurate, weighing rapid, stable and reliable. Particularly suitable for weighing all kinds of live animals. When weighing cattle and livestock you want to be sure that the scale you are using is accurate, durable, convenient, and most importantly, animal friendly. It is of great importance to assure that your cattle is of the appropriate weight, healthy and stable for your cattle needs.

At Arlyn Scales, we understand the needs of ranchers, veterinarians, and experts in animal husbandry. Whether you need to monitor feed consumption or how the gestation period of an expecting female is progressing, we offer scales that are not only precise but also rugged and comfortable for both animals and their handlers.

Uses/benefits of Digital Cattle Weighing Scales:

-Portable 8’ weighing scales

– Constructed from heavy gauge steel

– Digital read out display

– Cattle completely encased for duration of weighing

– Scales rests on four 1,000kg capacity stainless steel load cells

– Weighing equipment is the latest technology from Dinamica Generale, Gallagher

– Dual power operation from battery or mains

– Heavy duty load cells in protected load bars

– Weight capacity of 4 tonnes

Features of Digital Cattle Weighing Scales:

  • Portable weighing scales that can be installed on even or uneven surfaces
  • Lock in weighing system even with cattle movement
  • Fast and easy installation as the device runs on 2AA batteries
  • Digi star metering system that displays weight digitally

Specification of Digital Cattle Weighing Scales:

Part No.100731100732100733100734100735100736100737100738100739

Prices of Digital Cattle Weighing Scales:

$500.00 – $3,500.00

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