Digital Moisture Meter For Paddyworks on the principle of dielectric constant variations due to change in moisture content of the agro product.DMM measures ‘’% MOISTURE ’’ of the agro-products or a sample in a non-destructive way within about 30 seconds.

This meter is provided within built automatic temperature compensation for the reading being displayed.The latest Integrated Circuits based efficient Handy moisture meter provide slong battery life.The Digital Moisture Meter – HANDY does noT contain any moving partse gives long maintenance – free operating pleasure to the users.

Specifications :

Commodities Calibration- Paddy,Wheat,Rice,Maize; Measuring Range- 0% to 50% moisture;Sensitivity- +/-0.1% ; Consistency- +/-0.5% withquick and precise measure;Samples Volume- 200 CC(Max.);Power requirement- 4pencil (Dry) cells ;Weight- Less than 1 Kg; Principle of Measurement- Capacitance ;Display- LCD showing moisture% ;Calibration Feature- It has a facility to calibrate different commodities as percustomer requirement

Prices of Digital Moisture Meter For Paddy

US$11.00-US$12.00/ Piece

US$70.00-US$80.00/ Set

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