Digital Sheep Weighing Scales PILOT SCALE specialized in designing, manufacturing and selling accessories and parts for weighing scales, and we also provide industrial weighing total solutions. Main products includes: bench scale, platform scale, truck weighing, livestock scale, cylinder scale, wash down scale, weighing indicator, junction box and so on.
The company has strict quality control system, with a full set of advanced equipments, which guarantee PILOT SCALE” high and consistant quality. The company has diversified and flexible modes of operation, we serve a variety of weighing scale with a complete specifications, PILOT SCALE enjoy a good reputation in both China market and abroad market, now we already exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Middle East countries, Russia and other countries and regions.

Features of Digital Sheep Weighing Scales:

Weighing pig 3t electronic platform scale 1.5 * 2 meters with fence electronic platform scale

1.5 * 2m electronic scales with fence (animal scales, livestock scales, livestock platform scales, etc.) are electronic weighing equipment specially used for animal and animal weighing. There are professional animal weighing sensors and weighing instruments with high accuracy and weighing. Quick, stable and reliable work, simple installation and maintenance, easy to move, suitable for weighing pigs, cattle, horses, sheep, chickens, geese, ducks and other animals and poultry. It is an ideal weighing device for animal farms and other places.
1: Unique design model, four doors with lock;
2: Seiko welding, long-term use;
3: The surface is sandblasted and lacquered, with strong corrosion resistance;
4: Use stainless steel for wider application;
5: High accuracy, rapid weighing, stable and reliable work;
6: Particularly suitable for weighing all kinds of live animals.

Uses/benefits of Digital Sheep Weighing Scales:

.The surface adopts paint with excellent corrosion resistance.
3. Stainless steel material makes the range of application is wider.
This scale is widely used in the livestock slaughter industry.
The high-precision dynamic weighing system makes the scale more convenient in the weighing process. Due to the weighing occasions
are special, all the livestock scales are customized.

Specification of Digital Sheep Weighing Scales:

Product NameHigh Quality Digital Poultry Sheep Scale Pig Weighing Scale For Farm Used
MarketAll over the world
MaterialsCarbon steel/Stainless steel
FeaturesHigh precision and stable performance
Sample Lead Time5-10 Days
Sample PriceThe price is different according to product capacity
Custom DesignWelcome
Payment Terms30% advance payment,the rest payment before delivery
Form of SaleFactory supply

Prices of Digital Sheep Weighing Scales :

 $400.00  – $1,238.00

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