Sulfadimethoxine 40% injectable for IV use in cattle. Use to treat bovine respiratory disease complex, bacterial pneumonia, foot rot, and calf diphtheria. Broad-spectrum, low-dosage, readily absorbed, fast-acting antibacterial for the treatment of bovine shipping fever complex, bacterial pneumonia, footrot and calf diphtheria in beef and dairy cattle. Contains 400 mg sulfadimethoxine per ml. For IV use only. 60 hour milk withdrawal, 5 day slaughter withdrawal.

They were bottle raised but weaned in early June (kids were born early). They’ve been in a large paddock with all of my other goats recently but the drought here has left forage scarce. Now they’re getting a good quality grass hay. We’ve never had to grain our non milking does before but I can start if you think that would help. The kids have been getting some Red Cell and Probios. The vet recommended trying Levamisole (I think that’s the spelling) as we’ve given them both Ivermectin and Panacur. The buckling I lost also came back with a high worm count, although my older goats I ran fecals on (can’t afford to do everyone) came back about as clean as a goat can be on both parasites and coccidia. I treated everyone the same so not sure why that would be.


Sulfadimethoxine Injection-40% (generic Albon®) is an antibacterial injectable solution labeled for the treatment of respiratory disease, complex and bacterial pneumonia, necrotic pododermatitis and calf diphtheria in cattle. For animal use only. For intravenous use only in cattle. Not for human use. Use only as directed. Not available for sale in California Keep out of the reach of children. Storage: Store at controlled room temperature 15°-30°C (59°-85°F). Protect from light.

Directions for Use:

To be administered in amounts to provide 25 mg/lb (55 mg/kg) for initial dose, followed by 12.5 mg/lb (27.5 mg/kg) for maintenance doses every 24 hours.
During treatment period, make certain that animals maintain adequate water intake.

Dosages for Treatment: DiMethox 

Many goat producers have the DiMethox 12.5% on hand to treat coccidia. My veterinarian recommends this one and has it on hand for me to purchase. So, it’s the one I use.
DiMethox 12.5% solution is my #1 pick for treating coccidiosis effectively.  Many producers use this as well. While it comes in liquid and powder form, I prefer liquid drenching to make sure each affected animal is receiving the recommended dosage. The dosage for succesful coccidiosis treatment using the DiMethox 12.5% is 1.6 cc per 5 pounds for 5-7 days in a row. 

Also, Di-Methox 12.5% could also be added to drinking water; follow package directions. However, I’m not a fan of adding to drinking water because I’m not sure how much medication the animal is receiving to successfully treat coccidiosis. I would rather exactly how much by drenching. Consequently, Dimethox 40% is considerably stronger than the usual 12.5% drinking water solution.  So, you can use 1/3 as much of the 40%. The dosage is 1 cc per 15 pounds for at least 5 days and no more than 7 days. Next, I’ll give you a recommended dosage for Baycox if that’s the one you choose to use for successful coccidiosis treatment. 

Prices of Dimethox 40 Injectable For Goats

$32.96 – $81.95

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