Diy Goat Milking Machine

Diy Goat Milking Machine Every dairy farmer needs a correctly performing milking machine for the daily milking exercises. With the advancement of technology, people have made a step in life to try coming up with different inventions and innovations at large. Most people have turned to DIY projects to avoid spending more cash on buying new products in the market that might be costlier as such. The DIY goat milking machine is an ideal invention for farmers who need to avoid spending large sums of money to purchase new machines from stores.

Out there, there are several tips and tutorials with clear instructions on how to design a homemade goat milking machine. They are simplified with photos and videos to ensure all details are grasped with a lot of ease.Portable cow milking machine is important equipments for today’s dairy industry, it is widely used in small, medium and large farms. Also personal use is more and more common. Milking machine consists of vacuum pump, milk pulsator, electric motor, milk bucket etc. And the motor could be used electric motor, diesel motor and gasoline motor.

Uses/benefits of Diy Goat Milking Machine:

The mobility of milking machine is ideal for todays bucket milkers.
1. Easy to manoeuvre
2. Robust construction means easy maintenance.
3. Large heavy duty wheels-easy to be moved around.
4. Few and robust parts-low service and maintenance.
It features unique design, easy operation, easy maintenance, stable vacuum stable, low noise, stable pulsating frequency, small vacuum fluctuations, and soft milking front and rear in turn for the protective effect so that can increase the yield. So, only one operator will be qualified for the machine operation and maintenance..

Features of Diy Goat Milking Machine:

1. With mobile wheel, flexible and convenient to move to milk. 2. Both operation and maintenance are simple.3. Different voltage and motor to meet different countries to use.4. Low noise and high milk production.
5. Saving labor and improving economic.
6. SS304 material, 100% copper wire

Specification of Diy Goat Milking Machine:

Specifications for Industrial Mobile Double Bucket Goat Milking Machine
Work vacuum50kpa
Pulsation ratio60:40
Pulsation fromair pulsation
Pulsation frequency60±3r/min
Vacuum pump power0.55KW(220V.380V)
Vacuum pumping speed170L/min

Prices of Diy Goat Milking Machine:

$480.00 – $1,900.00

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