Dog X Ray Machine

DRE Veterinary carries multiple options of new veterinary x-ray systems for vet, animal health, research, and laboratory use. We offer multiple digital navigator systems, mobile table units, portable x-ray units and CR navigator systems to fit your facilities needs and budget. 3M, a leader in veterinary x-ray technology, offers quality products and professional support on which you can depend. We are continually working to offer more solutions to meet the radiology requirements of veterinary practices. Come join the thousands of satisfied veterinarians currently using 3M X-ray systems

High-quality X-ray images are no longer a problem for portable Monoblock X-ray units. The state-of-the-art high-frequency technology offers high performance in miniature format using only a standard power connection (220V/110V). Its low weight, user-friendly operation and the integrated interface for using the X-ray unit with a digital system enable various fields of application in small animal practices and equine clinics.

Features of Dog X Ray Machine

Amadeo P-100/35HB – battery-operated portable monoblock X-ray unit with high frequency technology Compact, lightweight, battery-operated X-ray unit Amadeo P-100/35HB (approx. 14 kg including battery), high powered rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery, 3000 mAs power output without recharging, no external power sources required to produce X-ray images, state-of-the-art microprocessor controls, PROM memory, battery status indicator,  mAs energy level display and dual laser collimator

Long-lasting, lightweight, portable X-ray unit (approx. 7 kg including battery) with innovative microprocessor and new battery technology, ideal for equine veterinarians, collimator with increased brightness and integrated timer

Uses/benefits of Dog X Ray Machine

each (500 pc) per Order

Minimizes effects of patient motion

Reduces unnecessary radiation exposure

Extends X-ray tube life

Can be used with portable machines

Increased diagnostic information

Fewer retakes needed

Reduce cost

Saves time and money

Increased diagnostic ability

Size: 10″ x 12

Blue light sensitive film.

Prices of Dog X Ray Machine

$600.00-$2,800.00/ Unit

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