This Dole Grain Moisture Tester unit comes complete with a built-in sample weighing scale and temperature/moisture correction indicator. Moisture percentages of populargrains are read directly off of the dial without the need of conversion charts. Many other commodities can be tested using conversion charts that are supplied with each tester. Quick results are achieved using the capacitance testing method. The optional AC/DC converter is available for fixed or permanent test locations.

Uses of Dole Grain Moisture Tester

The Dole moisture tester determines grain moisture content using the capacitance principle. Moisture content for wheat, oats, barley, rye, corn, sorghum and soybeans can be read directly from the main dial. Moisture charts for 36 additional grains are supplied in the instruction manual.


Measuring object: nonmetallic granulated materials such as cereal, wheat, rapeseed, soybean, vegetable seeds, corn, feed and so on

Measuring error: ≤±0.5 %( main moisture range)

Measuring range: 3-35%

Working environment: 0-40°C

Temperature compensation: automatic

Attached function: volume-weight conversion display, sample weight display, temperature display, average moisture content calculation

Calibration: 4 points calibration, unlimited sample (20 common varieties have been calibrated in advance, can be tested directly)

Working power: AC/DC, DC6V (4AA dry batteries)/special external power adapter


When a grain sample to be measured is placed between the conducting surfaces of the test cell, the grain displaces most of the air. By sensing the change in the electrical characteristics of the capacitor due to the dielectric properties of the grain sample, the meter can predict the moisture content of the sample.

Prices of Dole Grain Moisture Tester

US $179.99

$114.80 – $144.80/ Set

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