Drip Irrigation Air Relief Valve

Drip Irrigation Air Relief Valve The Air Release Valve is often overlooked but is a valuable component for maintaining a sub-surface drip irrigation system.  The air release valve allows air to escape the system on it’s initial start up until the system is full of water.  Once full the valve automatically closes until the cycle is finished and then allows air to flow back into the system.  The air release valve helps in avoiding clogging of emitters due to back suction and will extend the long term life of the system.   It also helps to avoid water hammer at the start of a watering cycle.

The use of air relief valves and manual flush points for dripline applications is essential to keep the entire system running efficiently and minimize maintenance costs for your customer We do not generally think about air when we are planning an irrigation system, however, it is something to be concerned about.DIG’s 1/2″ Air Vacuum Relief Valve with male pipe thread delivers optimum performance and increased efficiency of a drip system by preventing back suctioning of debris into the drip line. The relief valve allows air to escape the drip line during the system’s initial start and until the pipe or drip line is full of water. It also allows air to enter back into the drip line when the drip zone is turned off. The Air Vacuum Relief Valve helps prevent clogging in sub-surface drip irrigation systems resulting from back suction of debris under vacuum conditions. Install the valve at the highest point of a drip line installation.

Uses/benefits of Drip Irrigation Air Relief Valve:

  1. When your pipelines are not full of water, they are full of air. This air must be expelled as water fills the lines. 
  2. During normal operation of your irrigation system, dissolved air is released from the water in the form of bubbles. 
  3. At system shutdown, vacuum conditions may arise as water drains out of the pipelines if sufficient air is not introduced into the lines. 
  4. Use with Rain Bird XF Series Dripline when installation is below soil
  5. Perfect for systems up to 6.5 GPM or 390 GPH
  6. Small compact design (max height 1.7 in.), fits inside an SEB 7XB emitter box
  7. Made of quality rust-proof materials
  8. 1/2 in. MPT threads for easy installation

Features of Drip Irrigation Air Relief Valve:

  • Reduced maintenance requirements and extend drip system life
  • Smooth and reliable operation
  • Eliminates air pockets within a system zone
  • Releases air from the drip line when the zone is turned on
  • Allow air to freely enter the system when the zone is shut down
  • Prevents vacuum conditions and stops debris or particles from entering the drip line via the drip emitters or drip line outlets
  • Help in preventing suction that can cause the drip line to collapse, potentially pulling in dirt that can block the drip emitters
  • Perfect sealing under very low system pressure
  • Easy to handle and maintain
  • Constructed of UV-resistant, durable plastic material to withstand the most adverse conditions


Product Dimensions1 x 2 x 3 inches
Item Weight0.352 ounces
Item model numberX17001
Customer Reviews4.3 out of 5 stars    
4.3 out of 5 stars
Best Sellers Rank#150,996 in Patio, Lawn & Garden
#241 in Automatic Irrigation Sprinkler Heads

Prices of Drip Irrigation Air Relief Valve:

$73.22 – $200.00

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