Drip Irrigation Flush Valve

Small, simple and economical, flush valves punch way above their weight. Flush valves open when water pressure in the line drops below 2.5 PSI, effectively draining the line when the system shuts off. Draining the line helps prevent prolonged dripping from watering devices, mineral build up, and freeze damage during the winter months. In short, a small investment in flush valve irrigation can pay big dividends in preventing problems down the line. At DripWorks, we make it easy for you to find the right flush valve. Drip irrigation choices include flush valves are available with either a female hose thread (FHT) or 3/4″ female pipe thread (FPT) inlet. If you have questions about these valves or about drip irrigation in general, fill in and submit our handy online question form or call us toll-free. Our expert staff can give you advice that will save you time, money and hassles.

As most installers know, flushing a system on the initial startup is imperative to a clean, well flowing drip system. To insure a system stays properly flushed and doesn’t become susceptible to inline debris an automatic flush valve can be installed. Typically installed in a Bubbler Box for protection, the combination of gravel and gravity will keep water out of the box and debris out of the lines.The flush valve from Netafim is used to automatically flush the lines of a drip system at the start of each irrigation cycle. Installed at the end of each drip line or drip lateral, the flush valve releases approximately one gallon of water each time the zone is turned on. If installing an automatic flush valve, make sure to cover it with an 8” irrigation box. We suggest observing the flushing operation after the completion of the installation to ensure that each valve is flushing properly, and then to repeat this observation at the beginning of each irrigation season. Check the pressure and compare to the last maintenance inspection.

Uses/benefits of Drip Irrigation Flush Valve:

  • Greater labor savings thanks to easy assembly and installation
  • Low-maintenance operations – no moving parts or springs
  • Extended durability with chemical- and UV-resistant body
  • Highly reliable – low sensitivity to water quality 

Features of Drip Irrigation Flush Valve:

  • Available in dual acting, continuous and combination models
  • Durable, weather resistant and non-corrosive material
  • Removable top for seal maintenance
  • Protects irrigation system and components
  • Bright color allows easy visibility
  • Slam resistant models available
  • Performance data tested and verified at C.I.T.
  • Available in models that seal as low as 1 PSI
  • Optional Schrader Valve to check system pressure
  • Inlet available in NPT or BSP

Product Specification:

PressureMedium Pressure
Valve End TypePlain
Push TypeSingle Flow
Packaging TypeBox
Minimum Order Quantity200 Piece2000

Prices of Drip Irrigation Flush Valve:

$11.02 – $165.08

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