Drip tape has been the product of choice for commercial farmers and backyard gardeners for years. It is economical and effective for watering long, straight row crops. You can use drip tape above ground, mulched or buried. DripWorks offers various styles of drip tape to meet the diverse needs of our customers. You will find material thicknesses ranging from 6 mils to 15 mils, allowing you to select the product that best matches your project and budget. Choose from tapes with low-, medium- or high-flow rates. We have rolls ranging from 100 feet to 4,000 feet, making it easy to order the amount you need for your project.

Manufacturers’ warranties cover these tapes. All our drip tapes are 5/8″ in diameter. Our irrigation tape should be used with 5/8″ tape fittings . We are excited to offer three new sizes of Drip Tape Row Crop Kits featuring our new Aqua-Traxx drip tape. For more information on drip tape, visit our Drip Tape section by clicking the resources button at the top of this page. We are also available to answer your questions in person here in Northern California, on the phone or via our online question form. To calculate the amount of drip tape needed to cover a given area, check out our Drip Tape Estimator. Aqua-Traxx Azul is the latest generation of tape technology from Toro. It features an innovative emitter design that protects the labyrinth from debris and maximizes clog resistance making it the perfect method of irrigating row crops and raised beds.

Uses/benefits of Drip Irrigation Tape:

  • Fertilizer and nutrient loss is minimized due to a localized application and reduced leaching.
  • Water application efficiency is high if managed correctly.
  • Field leveling is not necessary.
  • Fields with irregular shapes are easily accommodated.
  • Recycled non-potable water can be safely used.
  • Moisture within the root zone can be maintained at field capacity.
  • Soil type plays a less important role in the frequency of irrigation.
  • Soil erosion is lessened.
  • Weed growth is lessened.
  • Water distribution is highly uniform, controlled by the output of each nozzle.
  • Labor cost is less than other irrigation methods.
  • Variation in supply can be regulated by regulating the valves and drippers.
  • Fertigation can easily be included with minimal waste of fertilizers.
  • Foliage remains dry, reducing the risk of disease.
  • Usually operated at a lower pressure than other types of pressurized irrigation, reducing energy costs.

Features of Drip Irrigation Tape:

  • Low-cost, effective watering for row crops and raised beds
  • Superb watering efficiency and uniformity
  • Ideal for above ground, mulched or buried applications
  • Great for low-pressure systems, works down to 4 PSI
  • Requires only 120 mesh filtration
  • Use with drip tape fittings
  • Low operating pressures, see chart below
  • Typically lasts up to 7 years if covered, and 2-5 years on surface

Specification of Drip Irrigation Tape:

Part #Emitter SpacingFlowMax Row LengthFlow per 100′ @ 8 PSIMax Row Length
w/ LSB Fitting
Roll Size
TAZ804SR4″ OCMed.350 ft.60 GPH1.0 GPM140 ft.2,000 ft.
TAZ8044″ OCMed.350 ft.60 GPH1.0 GPM140 ft.7,500 ft.
TAZ808L8″ OCLow700 ft.20 GPH.34 GPM380 ft.7,500 ft.
TAZ808H8″ OCHigh460 ft.40 GPH.67 GPM200 ft.7,500 ft.

Prices of Drip Irrigation Tape:

$29.99 – $199.99

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