The drip irrigation fittings and tools for 5/8″ tape from DripWorks are handy for repairs as well as setting up efficient watering systems for your plants. Our affordable drip tape fittings are sturdy and easy to use, and you can choose from many versions, including couplers, tees and elbows. We also stock tools like grommet drills and barb punches to keep you well-equipped for the job. These fittings slip into 5/8″ drip tape and have a ring that, when twisted, locks down over the drip tape to secure it. The fittings are easy to install and remove for convenience. In addition, they are reusable, which benefits the environment as well as your wallet.

For standard tape fittings, the Adjustable Punch (PUADJ) works best. For 0.400 barb fittings, use the 0.400 Barb Punch (PU400NEW). Are you wondering about what barb to use for 1/2″ poly tube and 5/8″ drip tape or do you have other questions? Call or email us weekdays for friendly, helpful advice from the experts. This fitting has a shutoff valve which can be used to turn off an individual line of drip tape. Simply punch a hole in the mainline tubing, connect the drip tape to the tape end of the fitting and insert the barbed end into the punched hole. To create a tight seal, be sure tape is warm and pliable before attaching the 5/8″ start fittings (LSB/LSBSO) and end fittings (LSGS/LSPLUG). If leakage continues to occur, a 1/4 turn with pliers should suffice. Use this fitting to shut off an individual line of drip tape. The barb on this fitting is slightly larger than the a standard 1/4″ barb. Use the Yellow Handle Punch or Miracle Punch to make the appropriate sized hole for this fitting. Does not connect to 1/4″ tubing.

Types of Drip Tape Fittings:

Q-Flex™ riser

Fast ring connectors

Barb connectors

Twist lock connectors


Dr. Zip

Manifolds& Adapters

Dripline Holders


Spikes & Stakes

Manual Line Flush Valves

Automatic Line Flush Valves

DNL – Driplines Non Leakage

Pressure Regulators

Pressure Indicators

Features of Drip Tape Fittings:

  • It includes 25 Pcs of 1/2”drip irrigation tubing tees in total.
  • Outer Diameter: approx.17mm/0.67″, Inner Diameter: approx.10.2mm/0.4″. These 17mm barbed tees are compatible with Rainbird, Orbit and other 1/2 inch drip tubing.
  • Made of high-impact and high-strength plastic material, this 1/2 inch barbed tee assures more durable life.
  • Simply push this tubing connector can connect it with tubing firmly and its barbed design makes NO LEAKS possible. Tips: Heat the end of hose to help it slide on this coupling.
  • This 1/2 inch irrigation tubing fitting helps to build a maintenance-free irrigation system, it is Ideal to use for garden, greenhouse, flower bed, patio and agricultural watering applications.

Specification of Drip Tape Fittings:

Item NO.SD2011
TypeBarbed tee connector 
Application and feature>used for pipe or PE pipe connecting;>Made by new material, with anti-uv and anti-aging, with longer service time;
UsageDrip irrigation system

Prices of Drip Tape Fittings:

$2.29 – $33.95

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