Drip irrigation sends an even, deep supply of water directly to the root zone of the plant without waste or runoff. It uses up to 50% less water than conventional systems; spares plants the stress caused by the wet-dry cycles of overhead watering; and minimizes erosion, soil compaction, leaf burn, mold, and fungal diseases. Drip irrigation, especially when the line is buried, significantly reduces weeds by watering deeply instead of on the surface (weed seeds have less access to water needed for germination).

Before you install your system, you need to ascertain the flow (how many gallons per minute) you are getting from your main water line. This will help you determine how many emitters you can run at one time. An easy way to calculate this is by running water, and measuring the time it takes to fill a bucket. Divide the bucket size in gallons by the seconds it takes to fill the container, and then multiply the result by 60. Example: If your 4-gallon bucket fills in 40 seconds you have 6 GPM.Learn More About Drip Irrigation

Drip Tape Irrigation Kit Includes:

1 – 1470 ft. Drip Tape Roll – 8 mil thickness that lasts for several growing cycles (spring and fall) or one year. Emitters every 12″.

1 – 100 ft. Mainline Tubing Roll – Our 5/8″ Mainline Tubing runs along the border of your garden and feeds water into individual Drip Tape lines.

1 – Filter Regulator Combo – Includes 3/4″ Hose Swivel, Filter with removable screen, 12 PSI Pressure Regulator, and Hose Swivel with Screen that connects to Mainline Tubing.

1 – Hole Punch – Used for punching holes in Mainline Tubing for attaching Drip Tape Row Starts.

1 – Mainline Tee – Used for splitting Mainline Tubing into two separate lines.

2 – Figure 8 End Clamps – Used to clamp and stop flow at the end of a section of Mainline Tubing.

2 – Mainline Couplings – Used to create a linear connection between two pieces of Mainline Tubing. Handy when repairing a cut in Mainline Tubing or when piecing two scrap sections to create a longer section.

20 – Drip Tape Row Starts – Used at the beginning of each row to connect Drip Tape to Mainline Tubing.

20 – Drip Tape Row Ends – Used to clamp and stop flow at the end of a row of Drip Tape.

4 – Drip Tape Couplings – Used to connect two pieces of Drip Tape. Handy for repairing nicks or cuts in a section of Drip Tape.

10 – Goof Plugs – Used to plug holes in Mainline Tubing where Drip Tape Row Starts where installed. Handy when changing row spacing from spring to fall gardens.

Uses/benefits of Drip Tape Irrigation Supplies:

The most efficient method of irrigation, drip irrigation uses up to 70% less water compared to flood irrigation and can more than double your crop yield. Design your own customized setup with our new Drip Irrigation System. Save water, increase fertilizer efficiency and grow healthier crops with our Drip Irrigation System!

Ideal for: tomatoes, peppers, melons, corn, strawberries, cauliflower, and other row crops.
• Save water, increase fertilizer efficiency by 30% and grow healthier crops that mature faster. Early maturity results in higher and faster returns on investment.
• Each drip tape exit chamber supplies a uniform application of water, nutrients or other required growth substances directly to the root zone of the plant.
• Ideal for desert regions, hilly terrains, sandy areas, or anywhere you want to provide a precise and efficient irrigation system that will reduce plant stress and produce optimum growth.

Features of Drip Tape Irrigation Supplies:

  • Max water flow rate of our drip emitters is 9 gallons-per-hour, suitable for lawn, garden, flower beds, vegetable gardens, herbs gardens, etc. Especially for large garden.
  • Height 18cm/7inch, compared to the market, our drip emitters stakes have increased by 2 inches, which will make it more stable to fix in place.
  • Spray diameter from 0 to 20inch. Flexible adjustable water flow while using, no matter you want it larger, smaller, or turn off. Our drip emitters can achieve what you need.
  • These drip emitters are ONLY suitable for 1/4 inch irrigation tube with 4mm inner diameter, also can be inserted to a 1/2 inch or larger irrigation tube directly. Make sure soak the end of hose by hot water before connecting.
  • Common matching accessories have 1/4 inch couplings and barbed tees. These drip emitters are detachable and very easy to clean. Don’t worry about clogging.


Name1 hectare drip irrigation systermQuantity of Offtake value100 pcs
Components16mm Drip tape, offtake value, end cup.Quantity of end cup100 pcs
Row space1 meterPlace of ProductShandong Province,China
Plant space in a row30cmModes of packingplastic bag and Carton
Quantity of drip tape10000 metersUsageAgriculture Drip irrigation System
MOQ1 HectareSuitableVegetable, greenhouse, farmland

Prices of Drip Tape Irrigation Supplies:

$11.00 – $315.00

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