Drip Tape Manufacturers

This is Grandrip for use in commercial and non commercial applications (nursery, garden, or orchard use) where high uniformity of water application and conservation is desired. Drip tape contains an internal emitter set at specified spacings which regulate the amount of water (flow rate) emitted from each outlet. 

Using drip irrigation over other methods has show benefits like increased yields, less run off, less weed pressure by application of water directly to the root zone, chemigation (injection of fertilizers and other chemicals through the drip tape is highly uniform (minimize leaching) and saves on operation costs), lessens disease pressure associated with overhead systems, low operating pressure (energy efficient compared to high pressure systems), and more.

Wall Thickness: It is best to go with a thicker wall to avoid damage issues that may be caused by insects or mechanical operation.  All tape is considered a thinwall product and the guide below is just general reference.

  • 16 mil (0.40mm)(thick wall) 1000m per roll: used for multiple season crops where tape can be retrieved or permanent installations.  Can be applied above ground.  This is the most popular for backyard vegetable gardeners, nurseries, and long term crops.
  • 12 mil/0.30mm (medium thickness)1500m per roll: used for multiple season crops and where tape can be retrieved.  Most popular in strawberries and general vegetable crops.
  • 10 mil/0.2mm (thinwall) 1500m per roll: used for seasonal crops with ideal soil conditions where tape will not be reused and minimal insect pressure.  Used mainly by more experienced growers and larger acreage vegetable/row crop production.
  • 8 mil/0.2mm (thinwall) 2000m per roll: used for short term crops in sandy soils where tape will not be reused and minimal insect pressure.  Recommended for the experienced grower with the ideal conditions.

Uses/benefits of Drip Tape:

  • Superior precision, uniformity, durability, and plugging resistance
  • Seamless construction provides maximum strength
  • Highly resistant to plugging due to multiple inlet filters
  • Best-In-Class coefficient of variation (Cv’s) – below 3%
  • Extra large cross sectional area helps prevent clogging

Features of Drip Tape:

*  Material: made with recycled material. saving cost and Eco-friendly.

*  The dripper has self filtering windows, good anti-clogging.

*   Anti-corrosion, anti-UV, easy installation 

*  Connect: connect with PE, HDPE, PVC mainline

*  Can be widely used in various field crops, orchard and greenhouse 

Product Specification:

PurposeVegetable Garden, Landscape, Cultivation
Shape Of DriplineCylindrical, Flat Thin Wall
ColorBlack or White
Size1000 meter
Diameter12 mm 16 mm and 20 mm
Usage/Applicationagriculture and nursery

Prices of Drip Tape:

$0.022 – $0.025/ Meter

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