Duroc Pig is essentially an older breed of American domestic pig that is extremely fertile and used as a basis for several mixed-breed commercial hogs. Duroc Pig that we offer is extremely healthy and free from any type of ailments. Duroc Pig is widely demanded in butcher shop for extracting fresh meat that is further used for human consumption. Just before you go out to buy a Duroc pig for your farm, make sure you read this article to the end. This article holds everything you need to know about his pig breed. As a result, you will have more data that will guide your buying decision. In this article, you will learn about the origin and characteristics of the duroc pig breed.

Also, you will get to see concrete reasons why this is the best pig breed for your farm as well as some of its disadvantages. Not only that, you will find answers to many of the questions people ask about duroc pigs which you may not have considered. Duroc pig is one of the different types of pig breeds in existence today. This breed was first developed in the United States. They are the more mature breeds of domestic pig breeds. Their large litres has made them one of the best breeds for pig farmers to rear. When talking about the quality of meat produced by pigs, this breed has one of the best you can think of, both for commercial and private use.


Duroc pigs first originated in Africa and were transported into England during the slave trade era. In 1800, the duroc breed was developed in New England as a result of mixed breeding. Although this breed is popularly known with different colours, the red coloured duroc was believed to have emanated from the Berkshire pig from Britain which was formerly reddish brown. Its name “Duroc” was believed to have been named after Napoleon Aide’s (Gen. Duroc) racehorse or Harry Kelsey’s stallion.

The Duroc pigs of recent times are known to have originated from the mixed breed of Jersey Red and New York’s older Duroc in 1850. At that time, it was called the”Duroc-Jersey pig” because of crossbreeding. In 1950, this breed was used for entertainment purposes.

Features of Duroc Pig

1. Duroc pigs are fast-growing animals:

This breed of pigs takes a shorter time to grow, unlike other pig breeds.

2. Their reproduction is in large litters:

Unlike some other breeds of pig, the sow of Duroc can produce pig litres of 10 to 15 piglets.

3. They are easily reared and highly profitable:

Pig farmers these days are in search of pig breeds that are less stressful to rear with high productivity.

Duroc is definitely a good breed that can be reared easily and can consistently produce high profit for you.

4. Duroc pigs can adapt to any weather condition:

In whatever part of the world you wish to rear this breed of pig, the good news is, it can be reared in areas of hot or cold climatic conditions.

5. They are good farm companions:

While some animals cannot do well with other animals, the Duroc pig can grow well in your farm with other companions.

6. Duroc pigs produce large quantities of meat:

One exciting thing about this breed is that after you slaughter one Duroc, you will be amazed at the large meat quantity that will be cut out.


  • The color of Duroc breed presents a remarkable variation, ranging from a light, almost yellow, to a very dark red. The color, by itself, does not have any relation with the production capacity of the pigs, but there seems to be a greater preference for the lines that exhibit the dark red color.
  • It possesses a medium body length.
  • The ears are hanging and do not stand erect.
  • The head is small in relation to body size, wide between the eyes, slightly concave forehead, short and tapered muzzle, somewhat wide and raised muzzle.
  • The ears are medium-sized, fine, pointed, directed forward and upward with the tips bent downward.
  • The neck is short, deep and slightly arched. The dewlap is small and fine. The trunk is of medium length, deep and arched. The dorsolumbar line describes a convex line, being able to be straight in highly conformed animals, especially if they are young, with a long and moderately wide back.
  • Wide back, well developed and with correct union with the trunk. Loin is a convex, broad, long, very muscular and more prominent at the midpoint of its length.
  • The ribs are long and deep, a tucked belly with a straight lower line and a minimum of twelve normal teats placed regularly.
  • Possesses a loping, broad rump and broad ham.
  • The limbs are long, moderately fine and straight. Short, straight pasterns and strong hooves.

Duroc Pig Characteristics

The modern Duroc pig is a medium-sized animal with moderately long body and it’s face is slightly dished. It was originally a very large breed in the past, but was not as large as was the Jersey Red pig. Ears of the animal are dropping and not held erect. Coloration of the animals is often an orangish-brown. But any color is allowed from a light golden shade to a deep mahogany red. Duroc pigs are large-framed animals and are muscular. Average live body weight of the mature sows is around 204-295 kg. And average live body weight of the mature boars vary from 227 to 340 kg

Duroc Pig Price


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